Expert: Bitcoin Will Reach $600,000 in 2026
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Tuur Demeester, an early follower of Bitcoin, has predicted the crypto will reach $600,000 in 2026.

He believes this price increase will be driven by government efforts to stimulate the economy and provide bailouts.

Demeester has also stated that retail investors will become more aware of Bitcoin's potential in the near future. However, he has warned market participants to be cautious with debt and risk exposure due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

In contrast, another user, iL Capo of Crypto, has predicted a temporary drop in the price of Bitcoin after reaching $50,000.

Meanwhile, MN Trading founder Michael van de Poppe has expressed his doubts about Bitcoin's never-ending uptrend, but noted that the crypto will likely continue to rise as long as it stays above $46,000.

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