Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin Will Hit $150,000 After ETF Approval
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11 January

Best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has said the price of Bitcoin could skyrocket to $150,000.

In particular, he has written:

"BITCOIN ETF. Yay. Glad I bought years ago. Bitcoin to $150k soon. Gold to the moon as Central Banks buy , store, and never sell. Silver to crash as silver stackers sell to pay bills, caused by rising inflation."

He has also said that US dollars are "fake fiat" and has announced he intends to spend them on buying gold, silver and Bitcoins.

Kiyosaki has added:

"Great news for silver stackers. Time to buy more as silver crashes. It’s all good news except for losers who save fake fiat US dollars. I will be buying more gold, silver, & Bitcoin with fake dollars."

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