Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Investing in Gold, Silver and Bitcoins
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Robert Kiyosaki, entrepreneur and author of the successful book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," has recommended investing in gold, silver and Bitcoins before the collapse of the US economy.

According to him, asking what the price of these assets will be in 2025 is stupid. In his opinion, the most important thing is how many of them "do you have today?"

Kiyosaki has said:

"Gold, silver, Bitcoin are bargains today… but not tommow. America is broke. Buy GSBC today before stocks, bond, real estate crash & people rush for GSBC."

The investor admitted last month that in the event of a collapse of the global economy, the price of Bitcoin would reach $1 million, while in February he predicted the crypto could reach $500,000.

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This is not the first time the entrepreneur has called for alternative investments. In September last year, he predicted "the biggest crash in world history," from which he considered cryptocurrencies would be a defense. In October, he recommended buying Bitcoin amid the Fed rate hike.

Kiyosaki recommended back in March buying digital gold and precious metals ahead of a "hard landing" amid problems with US banks.

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