JPMorgan CEO Doubts Bitcoin Supply Will Be Limited to 21 Million
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Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, has said he is not sure that the supply of Bitcoin is really limited to 21 million coins.

He has suggested:

"How do you know it's gonna stop at 21 million? Maybe it's gonna get to 21 million and Satoshi’s picture is gonna come up and laugh at you all."

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The senior executive expressed skepticism in October last year about the code embedded in the BTC algorithm:

"You all read the algorithms? You guys all believe that? I don't know, I've always been a skeptic of stuff like that."

The CTO of startup Casa, Jameson Lopp, has pointed out that Bitcoin's supply limits are achieved with just five lines of code. It is open for study. Anyone can verify its correctness.

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Given the scheduled halvings, the 21 million limit should be reached in 2141.

Dan Smith, an analyst at Blockworks, has previously called Bitcoin's current model unsustainable, which reduces the chances of the currency becoming the world's reserve currency due to the low share of transaction revenue in bitcoin miners' total revenue.

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