Vitalik Buterin: Zcash and Dogecoin Could Migrate to Proof-of-stake
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Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has said during the Mainnet conference that as the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm evolves, more networks will use it instead of proof-of-work. In particular, the mechanism could be implemented by Zcash and Dogecoin.

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When asked by Messari founder Ryan Selkis whether other projects will follow in Ethereum's footsteps, Buterin has replied:

"As PoS matures I would expect it to increase in legitimacy over time. I hope Zcash moves over and I am hopeful Dogecoin moves to PoS soon."

The Merge, which was activated on Ethereum last September 15, switched the blockchain to the proof-of-stake algorithm and reduced its power consumption by 99%. The upgrade also laid the groundwork for the network's next phase, The Surge. The latter, according to Buterin, will be "a much less unique event."

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Electric Coin Company has previously presented a roadmap for the development of Zcash until 2025. The plan also involves transitioning the network to PoS.

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