KPMG: The Crypto Market is Maturing
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Sept. 8, 2022

According to KPMG's fintech report for the first half of 2022, the crypto and blockchain sector continues to show signs of maturity despite global and ecosystem challenges.

According to the firm's experts, the sentiment in the market is stable. According to their calculations, the level of investments in the middle of the year reached up to $14.2 billion, a figure which, although lower than last year's $32.1 billion, significantly exceeds the figures of previous years.

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The company's specialists have mentioned the investment rounds of Trade Republic ($900 million), FTX ($400 million) and ConsenSys ($450 million).

Alexander Stachchenko, head of blockchain and crypto assets at KPMG France, has said some startups, in the absence of other options, may have to reduce their valuations to raise funds.

He has explained:

"Not all will be able to survive, especially if there are no clear and solid value propositions. From an ecosystem perspective, this will be beneficial as it will remove some of the turmoil created during the euphoria of the bull market."

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