Vitalik Buterin: ZK-Rollups is Ethereum's Leading L2 Solution
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9 August

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has said that in the long term, L2 scaling solutions ZK-Rollups will outperform Optimistic Rollups.

He has pointed out during the ETHSeou conference that although Optimistic Rollups is a more mature technology due to the speed of depositing and withdrawing funds on the mainnet, ZK-Rollups will outperform the competition.

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Buterin has added:

"You don't have to wait seven days to transfer assets. I expect that in ten years all Rollups will be primarily based on cryptographic proofs."

The Ethereum co-founder has acknowledged the shortcomings of ZK-Rollups and the difficulties in its development. There are many challenges, especially when running processes securely and when verifying the correctness of all algorithms.

Buterin assigned in December ZK-Rollups a central place in the "probable roadmap" for the development of Ethereum.

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