Elliptic: Lazarus Hackers Could Be Responsible for Horizon Attack
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Blockchain firm Elliptic has reported North Korea-linked hacking group Lazarus could be behind the attack on the cross-chain bridge Horizon.

According to the company's analysts, the hackers have already sent 41% of the stolen crypto assets to the mixing service Tornado Cash in order to eliminate all traces.

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Prior to that, the hackers sent the stolen assets to decentralized exchange Uniswap and converted them into 85,837 ETH. Elliptic has reported this is a fairly common method of laundering stolen funds.

Elliptic analysts have identified several reasons that indicate the North Korean group Lazarus is responsible for the hack.

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According to them, assets have been transferred to Tornado Cash regularly, suggesting the involvement of some kind of automated software. Experts observed a similar system during the laundering of stolen funds during the sidechain Ronin attack, which was possibly also carried out by Lazarus.

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