David Rubenstein: I Don't Think Cryptocurrencies Are Going Away
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12 April

David Rubenstein, co-founder of Carlyle Group, has said during the Invest Like the Best podcast that although he used to be skeptical about cryptocurrencies, his opinion has changed over time.

The investor has claimed that he used to believe that there was "nothing" behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. He has added:

"Now it is clear to me that many young people do not think that there is something serious behind the dollar, euro or other currencies."

He has stressed that he has not bought cryptocurrencies, but has "invested in companies that serve the industry". Rubenstein has said:

"The genie is out of the bottle and I don't think the industry is going to disappear anytime soon."

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Rubenstein has also pointed to the crisis in Ukraine as an additional reason for his renewed optimism about cryptocurrencies:

"If you're in Ukraine, or you're in Russia, and your country has lots of challenges and you want to have some assets, having some cryptocurrency probably enables you to feel better that you can have something that's outside of the government's control."

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