Wikipedia Won't Define NFTs as Art, Cites 'Lack of Reliable Information'
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13 January

Wikipedia will not classify non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as artworks due to the lack of reliable sources. One of the editors wrote on the survey page he does not think society had figured out "if NFT's are by themselves visual artworks."

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"Since opinions are mixed, maybe give it a month or six. Understanding the concept and its effect on the art world is above my pay grade," wrote Randy Kryn, a Wikipedia editor.

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Another Wikipedia's editor "Vexations" wrote that "not all NFTs are art, so those NFTs should not be included because we only include artworks."

"Art that is sold as an NFT should be be included. We have no criteria for what art is. If multiple reliable sources say something is art, we follow those sources," Vexations noted.

As a result of the vote, out of the six editors, five voted against classifying NFTs as artworks, which is why Wikipedia removed an article about Beeple's $69 million NFT sale from the top art sales list. The editors have agreed to re-open the discussion at a later date.

Earlier iHodl reported that Ripple launched NFT-Devnet, a development kit that allows developers to learn about and experiment with the native NFT capabilities. Initially, XLS-20d will be released on the NFT-Devnet in order to give blockchain developers to test NFTs, and server operators to "understand the performance characteristics" without compromising the performance of the XRPL.

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