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Nov. 2, 2020
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iHodl talked with VectraCoin Founder and CEO, Marshall Ross, not only about his project, but also about the problem bitcoin and how it can be solved.

Marshall, please, tell us what are the goals of the VectraCoin project?

M.: From the very beginning, VectraCoin was created as a bridge between ordinary users and the crypto industry. It is impossible to solve this issue without breakthrough tools. First, I'm talking about our cryptocurrency's pride — instant money transfers.

The bitcoin transactions are long, and to speed it up you have to pay extra fees. We have made it different way: VectraCoin works on modern and efficient algorithms that allow us to instantly transfer money from user to user, from wallet to wallet.

How secure and privacy-focused your project? Won't the privacy-oriented currency encourage illegal transactions? After all, anonymous cryptocurrency cannot be traced, and, therefore, it is often used by criminals. How are things with Vectra in this matter?

M.: Vectra does not store any information about users, which means that third parties' interference is impossible. Even if, we assume, the system fails, then no user data will leak into the Internet, since, again, we do not track our own customers. There's no need to worry about the criminal activity here as all bad actors and scammers are already using other well-known cryptocurrencies.

While you're on the subject, tell us how the cryptocurrency stability is ensured?

M.: Our programmers with senior specialist Andrey Kuznetsov in charge are, in fact, the guarantor of reliability. They are high-class experts who have collected the merits of all known coins together. From each project on the plus, and as a result we get a strong tool — VectraCoin, the correct operation of which is guaranteed and verified by tens of thousands of tests.

How do you plan to scale your business?

M.: We have made a lot already, but must do even more. We plan to expand partnerships, listings on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, we also pay special attention to creating functionality for third-party developers.

Does this mean that outsource programmers can join you to help develop VectraCoin?

M.: First, I recommend you to check the development kits that are stored on our website. Every programmer, engineer or blockchain specialist will find suitable functionality for his or her own development. Development of VectraCoin is welcomed here. We praise the most initiative and talented specialists.

You recently launched an ICO. Tell us how things are going, who can invest in your ecosystem and what are your plans?

M.: Anyone can become an investor. Now tokens are sold for $100 — this is quite cheap, and on the first day of listing on exchanges the price will moon. As for the plans, we need to sell 10,000 tokens. We sold 500 in the first week, so everything is going according to plan. The goal is to sell all tokens and raise $1 million by the end of the year.

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