Antihype on money: Lifetime Moment to Buy Bitcoin?
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March 29, 2020

This article is brought to you by a Russian Telegram channel "Antihype on money," an analytical channel about all economic hype trends and their triggers.

The price of bitcoin has been growing for two weeks, and recently it grew up to $7000.

Is it time to buy cryptocurrency?

Gregory Klumov, the founder and CEO of STASIS, a stablecoin issuer:

There were a lot of short-term margin positions, hedge funds were closing, there was a drop in the stock market.

Antihype on money: Bitcoin Still Searches for Bottom

People took out the cash everywhere where it could only be accessed, in particular, in crypto. Due to such a volatile movement, different leverage and arbitrage strategies collapsed, so there was no demand for supply.

Antihype on money: Lifetime Moment to Buy Bitcoin?

Even investors with a long-term view of the market were willing to buy but failed to deliver the cash to exchanges quickly enough. Many of them had to wait for a week before the payment was approved.

Now the situation is normalizing and new growth catalysts are appearing. Among them are halving and monetary insanity of developing countries.

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