Antihype on money: Huawei & OPPO to Unite Against Google
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What happened: Chinese hi-tech giants Huawei and OPPO (a leading manufacturer of smartphones in China) want to unite in the battle against Google. In August, a new operating system from Huawei "HarmonyOS" was launched. The manufacturer claims the new OS is a microkernel and can make a real breakthrough in 5G, a key component of the fourth industrial revolution.

Antihype on money: Huawei & OPPO to Unite Against Google

What really happened: Chinese companies are working on "Plan B" by securing their independence from Google’s software after the tech giant refused to add support for the Huawei Android smartphones. To launch a fully-fledged Chinese system that could compete in the market, there's a need for qualified specialists, time and giant budgets. Meanwhile, the OS market is striving for a monopoly, as it is convenient for users and beneficial for companies. Dividing the market will put both companies and consumers who have to choose in a difficult situation.

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