Antihype on money: United Health Surges 5% amid Warren's Announcement
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What happened: Stocks of an American for-profit managed health care company United Health surged over 5% (up to 269.40 points) on Friday after a U.S. presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren announced plans to deploy "Medicare for all" plan for the next three years.

The stocks have surged as in these conditions the chances are sharply reduced given the chance that in the foreseeable future there will be only one buyer of medical services in the person of the state.

Antihype on money: United Health Surges 5% amid Warren's Announcement

What really happened: Probably, the markets are volatile, just because of search of a positive driver in the face of global market growth — the Dow Jones crosses the 28,000 barrier, while the S&P and Nasdaq update their highs almost every single day.

The amplitude of the reaction is alarming — so far the announcement is nothing more than just a sketch of plans from the candidate. Warren has yet to win the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries, the presidential race, and only then run the bill through Congress and the Senate.

All this makes us think about the strength of Friday's growth.

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