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Dear reader!

The year 2018 can rightfully be called one of the most stressful in the history of the crypto industry. We have witnessed truly large-scale events.

It goes without saying, this year was difficult. Not only economically, but also ideologically. Our belief in a bright decentralized future has been repeatedly questioned by many countries and watchdogs.

Bitcoin has been calling as a tool for fraudsters and bubble. However, we still stay strong and don't listen to haters.

This year wasn't easy not only for those who entered the industry at the end of 2017 but also for those who had been part of it for several years. Not only crypto hamsters suffered losses, but also large whales. Regulatory tightening, price collapse, massive layoffs, hacking of crypto exchanges.

This year will be remembered for a long time in the crypto community as one of the most disastrous.

Nevertheless, we at iHodl sincerely believe that there is a reward for any challenge. Any black band is replaced by white, and any crypto winter ends sooner or later.

On New Year's Eve, we want to express great gratitude to you, our dear reader, for your support and perseverance. Thanks to you, iHodl succeeded to achieve its goals and not be drown in a raging storm.

In 2019, we wish you not to lose hope, stay focused, be purposeful, be Hodler. There are still many discoveries ahead and we intend to raise the quality standards. Stay further with us, and we, in turn, will our best to keep you at the center of all news events.

Thanks again for your support.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Yours, iHodl.

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