Roger Ver at Blockchain Life 2018: Use Crypto as a Currency
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Nov. 8, 2018

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver became one of the head speakers at the Blockchain Life 2018 in St. Petersburg in Russia which took place on November 7-8th. Ihodl has attended the event to hear Roger Ver speak about the current state and the future of cryptocurrencies.

“When someone sells something, everyone gets richer” — that’s how Ver summed up the economic system. And according to him, it’s important to use cryptocurrencies as money to pay for the goods:

“If you are not using the cryptocurrencies, you are missing your chance.”

Despite the fact that Ver is known for being a bitcoin cash supporter, he recommends using any cryptocurrency you prefer in that way:

“Bitcoin Cash — is a good instrument, but not the only one.”

In fact, he recommends everyone to persuade their employers to hand out the salaries and wages in bitcoin cash.

According to Ver, cryptocurrencies should be used to “raise the quality of life of the whole planet”:

“If we can take away the power from politicians, we can provide growth of the economy to every country.”

When answering a question on the volatility of top cryptocurrencies during the upcoming 3 to 5 years, Ver once again stressed the need to use the cryptocurrencies:

“The more we use cryptocurrencies as a currency, the lower the volatility is.”

Moreover, he pointed out the superiority of cryptocurrencies over the gold standard:

“With it, you can send however much you want, to whomever you want and almost for free.”

And yet Ver did not support an idea of creating a virtual currency that could become a gold standard while being backed by gold.

“The government can just go an unlink the cryptocurrency from gold.”

Also when talking of personal experience, the crypto enthusiast said that it’s very important to study economics in order to understand how currencies and cryptocurrencies work.

“As soon as I saw bitcoin, I realized that it will be used as a currency, same thing I saw in bitcoin cash”.

For those just starting out, Roger Ver has recommended reading up on Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

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