Meitu Founder owns 10000 BTC
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Founder of Meitu Inc. Entrepreneur Cai Wensheng announced that he reached his goal of owning 10000 BTC.

Mr. Wensheng started with several bitcoins in January. Just after he realized the potential of the blockchain technology and bitcoin, he set the goal of owning 10000 BTC (Bitcoin). During the December of 2017 rise of bitcoin he did not invest in it. Then in January of 2018 when Bitcoin price started to drop he saw an opportunity in so-called “Bear trend”.

Mr. Wensheng shared his opinion that “the big difference between investment and speculation is the mindset.”

” Suppose you buy in a stock share or a cryptocurrency but the price keeps falling after that, if you are an investor, you will be delighted at the stumble for it means good time to buy more in; on the contrary, if you keep complaining of the slowdown, no offense but I think you are actually a speculator.”

Mr. Wensheng compares Blockchain technology with early Internet sector of 2000's. Many startups faded away and only a handful of them returned extreme profits to their investors. With this mindset he invested in other blockchain projects including Theta, Ontology, Cortex, Arcblock, Zipper, Yeecall, Dxchain and Charter.

By Nadya Astam

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