Advantages of Living and Working in Dubai
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Dubai is the most heavily populated city in the United Arab Emirates and is famous across the world for being the business, transport and tourism hub of Western Asia. Dubai’s economy is thriving due to revenue from tourism, trade, aviation and real estate.

Economy in Dubai

Dubai’s economy is one of the most stable in the world, making it a great place for job prospects and a popular place in which to live and work.

Although Dubai is famed for having some of the most expensive properties in the world, this is not representative of the general cost of living. When it comes to cost of living Dubai, it varies depending on the property and area – it is always best to hunt around for the best deal; find out more on the 1st Move International blog. However, the lack of taxation on income in Dubai means that you may have more in your pocket to spend!

Climate in Dubai

The climate in Dubai is part of the reason that it is so popular with tourists. With sunny weather for most of the year and relatively mild winters, Dubai is a great place to live if you like to catch some rays! However, you will have to factor in slightly different dress codes than in many countries.

Leisure in Dubai

Dubai boasts a huge number of bars, clubs and restaurants to keep you entertained day and night. The warm climate also lends itself to various outdoor pursuits like windsurfing and water-skiing, as well as hiking and fishing.

If you enjoy a spot of retail therapy, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise – with a huge number of shopping malls and markets offering everything from luxury designer goods to local cuisine and handicrafts.

Culture in Dubai

If you want to get a taste of culture, there are many historical and cultural sites such as museums, mosques, and castles, usually boasting gorgeous architecture. As well as its rich history, Dubai is also famed for its cosmopolitan culture, with citizens from hundreds of nations living and working there. A variety of festivals celebrate the arts and theatre scene, and sports such as golf and horse racing are also popular.

Education in Dubai

Schooling can be a major obstacle for people considering moving abroad with a family. Thankfully, Dubai has a large number of international schools, teaching international curricula to children and young people of all ages. Although schooling does cost money in Dubai, the opportunities afforded by an internationally recognized education system can be well worth it.

Travel in Dubai

Dubai is famous for being a “global city,” with some of the world’s best airlines and airports based there. There is no need to worry about being able to visit family/friends or have them visit you if you move to Dubai! Many people who travel internationally for work choose Dubai as their place of residence due to the extensive and efficient transport links.

Although public transport is limited in Dubai, it is a great place for drivers, with low oil prices and well-maintained roads.

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