Top Office Spaces You’d Pay To Work In
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Ever wondered what the most comfortable, lavish and weirdly placed offices are? Although it may not be a surprise for you that Google is on the list, it doesn’t just end with it. Here is our list of top 5 places which are truly out of this world. And I bet someone could actually pay to just spend some time there.

Google – Zurich

Google is recognized as the fastest growing company in the world. Technologically oriented firm operates in every known market starting from business solutions to the natural energy. Google put loads of money into their business spaces in order to mix business and pleasure in the name of reaching sky heights in terms of employee productivity. The company went even beyond imaginable when creating the space for Zooglers (employees in Zurich, the largest Google office). Google campus is located near the lake in the building which used to be a brewery. That brewery didn’t fade away into the history, every day at 5 p.m, the theme of Heidy music arises on campus to call all employees to catch up with beer and snacks in the Hürlimann-Bar. The bar got that name after the brewery located on site. Moreover, there is a wine cellar for the employees to improve negotiation skills while in meetings. Food is free of charge and there are plenty of options to choose from a variety of themed cafeterias.

There are some normal open spaces, though employees do not have their own working area. But that is not a pity at all! Meeting rooms and lounge zones are themed around campus. A jungle lounge is there to calm down the stress and in case there is a need to take a call or schedule oneself there are some jungle eggs available in the lounge to hide from the noise. Water lounge zone can wipe away all the stressful thoughts and office rush, employees can stare at hypnotizing fishes from a bathtub full of ifoam rubber, otherwise, there is an option to have a nap in the room that immitates a locomotive. Meeting rooms are themed variously as well: James Bond room with a secret back door to escape long and useless meetings to discuss the issues that could be solved by an email or Swiss mountain gondolas to stress that there is no way out of discussion until the issue is solved (no one wants to escape from the mountain railway).

Lego room, billiards, football tables, table tennis – everything is provided to make the team communication flow and facilitate more creative solutions and innovation. There is a gym on site to keep employees fit and healthy. And finally, there is a slide from one floor to another so it’s hard to be late, but some prefer to take a firefighter's pole to put out the query as fast as possible. It’s not an office it’s a dreamland. I wonder if anyone goes home after a long day, or prefers to relax in the cinema on site following with free massage.


If you were asked when you were around the age of 10 what is the dream office, you would for sure describe the headquarters of Lego. Work-play environment designed to enforce innovative ideas and collaboration of the employees while having fun. Being a child with limitless imagination - is the only way to invent and produce the best toys for kids. Lego cares about its employees arranging the finest office space: play areas, slides throughout the building, life-size Lego statues and workspaces filled with light and the opportunity to find a preferred place for work whether it will be typical open space or more private corner.

The architect comments on one of the ideas of creating a stimulating environment:

“The idea of scale is challenged with design elements such as huge grass wall graphics and a giant LEGO man and tables with built-in bonsai gardens, thus playing with perception and scale – who is big and who is small? Where does work stop and imagination start?”

Airbnb Headquarters, San Francisco

Airbnb provides its customers with comfort and luxury accommodation around the globe. With a few clicks you can stay in a Brooklyn loft or beach bungalow, or in a Japanese flat or a French villa, but for Airbnb employees, everything is just a couple of steps away, right in the next meeting room. Airbnb Environment team and WRNS studio designed some magnificent features such as a sky boat, a castle and various lodges representing international “neighborhoods”. Each cafe is styled to top travel destinations worldwide. Meeting rooms and lounge zones bring employees to welcoming home to feel that they belong anywhere. Light and modern space filled with international details bring minds together to remove the borders and cooperate towards the common goal. Large and spacious areas promote the spirit of adventures and multicultural fleur.

“The first time we stepped into the atrium, we imagined looking up and seeing a cross section of the very homes that are featured on our site–immediately knowing, without seeing any logos or signs, that you were at Airbnb,” CEO Brian Chesky says in a statement.

Selgas Cano – Madrid

Here is a perfect office for the ones who want to concentrate more without any destructions of cool entertaining offices and still be productive without getting stressed. Sometimes perfect workspace is not about the size and amenities but about atmosphere and comfort. Selgas Cano office in Madrid is the place where employees can hide from outside busy city world in the woods. Connect with the nature and overdose on fresh air while doing a favor to the employees.

There is no need for artificial light during the workday thanks to the long window which runs along the full length of the office. These windows could be opened to keep the temperature at a confortable level and half of the building is covered with fiberglass to shade the office from direct sunlight. All the energy saving and ergonomic matters were considered to create a perfect calm working space which will look outstanding along with the urban jungle office solutions.

Bahnhof, Stockholm

If you are having trouble commuting to work during rush hours just read about this office location, and I bet you will change your mind. Bahnhof – a Swedish internet provider has a head office in a former Cold war nuclear bunker in Stockholm located below a mountain and accessible only by tunnel and 16-inch metal doors. The walls are the natural granite of Vita Berg Park. What a place to secure the internet’s most valuable information the company holds. Incorporation of the new interior design of the office considered natural beauty of the cave with waterfalls and historical objects of the bunker, such as old radio, telephone, and entrance sign “These doors should be locked at DEFCON”.

The creation of such an architectural masterpiece within a natural space with no single square angle is spectacular. The main conference room is hanging above the servers and is decorated with jungle plants and fogged working areas. While designing the office lighting arrangement was crucial to give the sense of time in enclosed space. I imagine working in this kind of space, creates a feeling like you are working for a super-secret project, to saving the nation and at the same time it should be fun to imagine yourself as a movie hero. Anyways you’d better not be claustrophobic…

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