The STASIS Team Wishes You Happy Holidays!
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Dear STASIS community we hope you fulfill your dreams and reach your goals in the upcoming year!

There is an old saying-knowing your path and walking it are entirely different. We knew our ultimate goal and had been focused on it since day one. Nothing has changed - and we do it just by the plan. However, using the power of blockchain to disrupt acquiring custody and corporate settlement services is not a walk in the park - project team strives for our aim under constant pressure of shifting regulations, crypto market volatility, overcoming many insignificant hardships on the way.

During 2019, we've proved that the stablecoin market is here to stay. The STASIS project has accumulated a certain level of trust which ultimately drives its further development and global acceptance. The network effect is a real and working game-changer when it comes to project promotion - and we've successfully used this approach to achieve global tracking and recognition. STASIS had also participated in more than 10 conferences: our team gave speeches, educated and engaged the audience on cryptocurrencies topic.

We've achieved so much together! Here's a snapshot of some of our top highlights for the year.

Year in achievements:

  • EURS became the 6th biggest stablecoin on cryptomarket, 1st euro-pegged stablecoin transacted over 200 million.
  • EURS reserves almost reached 32 million.
  • STASIS received legal opinions from Germany, the USA, UK, and Malta.
  • We published the 2nd edition of our Digital Regulation book. If you still haven't read it and want to get a copy, please email us at - the number of books is limited.
  • CEO Gregory Klumov was nominated as the spokesman for the INATBA finance group - International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications.

Our Milestones:

  • EURS got listed on OKcoin, Bitfinex, and other 15+exchanges.
  • Over 120,000 transactions with EURS so far.
  • EURS transactions from STASIS stablecoin wallet are now fee-less.
  • Over 30,000 wallets were created via STASIS stablecoin wallet app.
  • EURS got a second smart contract audit from CERTIK.
  • Added over 10 fiat settlement points.

We grow our influence globally:

  • STASIS origin is closely tied to Malta - a place when history was born. Malta Blockchain Summit in May was marked by the STASIS event for over 7000 people, where participants pioneered the option to pay with EURS at retail merchant points of sales like catering. And it's only the tip of this crypto iceberg: the Maltese legal framework, which was crafted with direct STASIS team assistance, has become an example of its own - and this experience now spreads for other Mediterranean 7 alliance countries.
  • Back at the event, Gregory Klumov managed to get all the spotlight during the hot discussion with his opinion on the future of payment systems: how can we overcome the challenges that will arise in the nearest decade? Check out the "Global banking in the digital age" video to broaden your perception of digital currency evolution!
  • We explore the use cases of emerging technologies further. Can the blockchain be used to quantify trust? Why is it vital to use the DLT for that purpose? Greg was invited to speak at TEDx Warwick and shared insights and educated people - it's possible to measure the trust not with the balance sheet but with emerging and maturing technology.
  • How did our team create one of the largest world stablecoins anyway? Learn about how the STASIS team has managed to develop the leading EURO stablecoin - check out Gregory's interview.
  • Blockchain tech can be used for providing better tomorrow. STASIS CEO along with the world's finest experts discussed the opportunities for Blockchain island on Delta Summit 2019: Greg explained the importance of the development of the digital assets to point 2.0 - as traditional E-money directive proves to be outdated during two decades of its existence.
  • And we didn't stop here! In November, Gregory continued his participation in crypto events by speaking at Cryptocoinference in Milan and at Paris Blockchain Week Summit, where he fueled the audience's interest on stablecoins topics: the E-money 2.0 and the need of new approach to crypto regulations.
  • Summing up, we realize that the legal trend set by STASIS continues. Recently, Gregory promoted the topic of soft regulation of crypto assets in Italy and France - and in December, the AMF of France had published new ICO guidelines. Germany had also presented a new law that allows banks to hold cryptocurrency assets in 2020. The world has just become a bit closer to crypto acceptance.

We are not only-digital all the way through! The STASIS team had also launched off-chain events. And we do it with a bang! Don't believe? Check out the video below.

We launched new services:

At the end of this year, we launched the STASIS "Sellback" feature. It's all fast & easy now: EURS holders can now send their EURS to IBAN on demand! Just register for an account and access the exchange function via the STASIS stablecoin wallet or website.

Each transaction will incur a fee of 0.1% per transaction that will be capped at 50 EURS. Users will also have the option of two KYC (know your customer) modes.

The Light KYC mode only requires a name and IBAN to transact up to 250 Euro! The Full KYC mode, which will unlock transaction limits, requires ID and proof of residence, and incorporation documents for corporate accounts.

We write stories:

We've started to publish a set of analytical stories on our Medium Blog in an easy-to-read format. And it's not some boring analytics. By this latest initiative, our team is aimed to form the community from the retail and institutional camp: we introduce them to the features of this new alternative investment market and hot industry topics. Don't miss checking out our exciting articles here.

Moreover, we now issue a weekly stablecoin digest, which gives you a lot of info to check up: what is going on in this dynamic and volatile market - check out here.

STASIS in the media:

  • October 11, 2019 - Learn why stablecoin is so vital for the future of the global economy? Find out answers in an exciting decentraLive interview.
  • November 1, 2019 - is it beneficial to tokenize national fiat currencies? STASIS CEO explains our point in Cryptoslate Interview.
  • November 8, 2019 - The hardships of issuing stablecoins in a modern world. Realize the challenges we face by reading the latest Bloomberg Interview.
  • November 25, 2019 - How can stablecoins bridge the gap to Decentralized Finance? Check out the Interview on Stablecoins with BlockTV to know more!
  • December 6, 2019 - Why Stablecoins like the EURS could ultimately become the E-money 2.0: check out the Unlock Interview.

Our Plans for 2020

Next year will be a major year for the STASIS initiative worldwide.

The Euros ecosystem is ready for commercialization and we aim to leverage on these opportunities by launching a fundraiser to develop a series of business lines on top of the EURS - starting with DeFi lending, corporate settlement, and remittance.

2020 is the year when blockchain technology will finally converge with the real hurdles of traditional finance and technology. Our team also realizes that more commercialization cases could emerge from this development.

We at STASIS remain focused on and committed to bridging the gap between the traditional financial worlds and DeFi, and reliable payment option based on blockchain technology.

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