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Our lives have increasingly become about spending our money fast, especially when it comes to our mobile phones. The touch and pay NFC, one-click purchases, mobile banks and everything else that makes us lose track of how much we spend. But what if our mobile phone can save us money?

Here’s a pick of top-8 mobile apps that can actually save our wallets.

Budgeting is essential in terms of money spending, as we all know to budget effectively we need to analyze our financials first. Since we live in the 21st century in order to budget, set goals and evaluate our spending we don’t need to have a notebook or organizer. Mint is the app that simplifies all these sometimes irritating organizational responsibilities. Its foundation function is to track your expenses in a precise manner. You can review your spending by categories and track your spending pattern while also setting goals and they will be reflected in the budget. There is also a credit score option where you can follow you credit payments history. Mint’s dashboard illustrates a full financial situation and sends weekly reports via email.

Here is what a user says:

“Mint is a powerful tool for individuals to take charge of and manage their personal finances. Mint takes the complex, sometimes daunting task of managing your money and makes it easy, streamlined, and even a little fun! Mint has helped me to set and achieve goals of paying off credit cards and creating an emergency savings fund.”

Digit is a must have app for if the mystery knowledge of saving money is not yet mastered, and a week before the payday you find yourself counting hours with no money in your bank account, reminiscing these pressure days of throwing a salary on things of first necessity (of course!). The app accesses bank accounts and evaluates financials to auto-save peewee amount of money building up a stockpile for your pleasure. A certain goal can be set up like saving for a specific date, and the app will reconsider the savings pattern to reach that financial goal. Digit algorithm considers the patterns of your income and spending, specifically estimated amount is withdrawn to your savings account at the best calculated moment.

Here is what a user says:

“I love this app, it’s saved me over 5K without me even having to break the bank. Yes, they have a monthly fee, but you save a lot more and they give you every 90 days 1% of what you saved. So it’s almost like you’re making your fee back.”

Oh... how much we spend on going out with our friends and family. First, going to the restaurant, then a bar, then a club.. Having a great time and a few drinks, no one bothers to split the bills wisely and it’s getting hard to keep track of expenditures and remember how much you lend and how much you owe. And if that doesn’t damage the friendship it could potentially make a huge harm to your bank account... These overdrafts are nasty as you may know. There is a solution to stay calm and party on! With Slpitwise app you can add a group of friends you going out with, traveling or living together. You can record all your spending with further notes, attach receipt images and splits all the bills automatically in a way it’s set up to; by percentage, equally, by shares and with corrections. Splitwise is on guard of your friendship and finance.

Here is what a user says:

“The best application for sharing and splitting cost and bills with the group. We often travel in the group, and always challenged how to properly keep track of the bills, who pays, who owes. also being able to manage it in different currencies was a challenge. We tried many applications, none non-worked well until I just found a splitwise. it’s really doing the job!”

That’s a brilliant time saver in terms of research and price comparison. This app provides data about all retailers (local stores and online) and products with their latest prices. You can search for product or retailer and the app will show all available options with descriptions, best prices, offers and discounts. Moreover, it has a barcode reader which can be used to get an instant price comparison. If you think you found the best deal because of the discounted price tag, use the app to investigate if this retailer will save you money or trick you with the promo. To add on saving perks, the app has coupon bank which offers a selection of updated discount for the majority of retailers. You can use coupons immediately, share them with friends over social media, or keep them until the next shopping trip.

Here is what a user says:

“Lots of great deals I like this app because it allows me to barcode scan items, find hot deals, and save money”

Saving money to reach a goal is like climbing Everest sometimes… so here comes the Coupon Sherpa to lend a strong hand. No need to surf the internet in search of a reliable coupon. Coupon Sherpa accumulates all the trustworthy coupons in form of codes or printables. You can search coupons by retailers or categories. There is also a section with offers and discounts of the day. The differentiator from other coupon providers is that Coupon Sherpa started their app before launching the website. So the priority is well designed user-friendly application. Use a location-based GPS search to get the best local deals and coupons. All offers can be shared with friends over the social media.

Here is what a user says:

“I love this app. No more clipping coupons and carrying them to a store. No more searching for a store, all showed alphabetically so no more having to look for a store.”

With some cash saving apps it’s so easy to get bored, but not with this. iBotta is a cash back app, which engages with its users by gamifying the money saving process through a series of tasks. Who wouldn’t like to have fun and earn extra cash? Get products, which you unlock, that prove a purchase through a simple verification process in the app. Simply scan a barcode and make a picture, and you will get your cash back on your iBotta account for the next purchase. Another big advantage, unlike some cash back apps, which provide bonuses for the next purchase, you can withdraw real cash through available payout systems, like PayPal.

Here is what a user says:

“Love earning money from things I was going to buy anyway. It adds up and then I cash out once a year for shopping.”

That is a wholesale club that saves you money on a great range of household goods. I know that you heard it all before, but this app has no membership fee! So you can save money by ordering goods in bulk. Save not only on the lack of a membership fee, low prices for ordering in bulk, but also you save on petrol as there is no need to waste your weekend afternoon on driving and most deliveries are free. What’s more, using Boxed can cut out the impulsive purchases, you cannot escape entering mazes of local Costco. The selection of products yet not comparable to Cosco’s , but it’s still easy to find a majority of household essentials and a growing range of organic products. Overall, the app is perfect money, time and nerve saver.

Here is what a user says:

“Always comes quickly and exactly what I need at spectacular prices! I recommend BOXED as often as I can to all of my friends and office mates”

About 30-50% of food produced around the world is never consumed. It is not only environmental and ethical issue. We should also take into consideration that in the U.S, an average family produces food waste that equates to a shocking $2,275 each year! Perhaps, saving for investments is a better option than throwing away your rightfully earned money. One of the reasons for food wastage is lack of meal planning as people usually buy more than they consume. Considering your food preferences, schedule, preferred calorie consumption and the amount of money you budget for groceries, this app will generate meal plans and provide grocery shopping lists for ingredients selected.

Here is what a user says:

“Has everything I want in a meal planning app. Dietary needs, macros, budget concerns, time requirements. Plus the recipes I've had have been very tasty! I definitely recommend the trial!”

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