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Oct. 21, 2019

If your friend was carried away by a cryptocurrency tide and you want to please him with an appropriate gift, then here’s our take on what a crypto fan may like! Here are the top 5 gift ideas for a range of budgets.

Hardware wallet

Increased interest in cryptocurrencies has fueled the demand for safe storage of funds. A hardware purse is a physical electronic device designed exclusively for storage and protection of digital coins.

The essence of the hardware wallet is that the owner must first connect it to a PC, smartphone or a tablet in order to spend cryptocurrency. Most popular wallets are Ledger, KeepKey, Trezor.

Hardware bitcoin wallets store private keys separately to the vulnerable equipment connected to the internet. Private keys operate in a remote, protected environment inside the hardware wallet, which allows you to keep them safe even when connected to a compromised or unprotected PC.

In addition, if the wallet is stolen, lost or damaged, users not need to worry. When the wallet is initialized, it will create a special recovery code, with which the user can restore access to the crypto.

Crypto Certificate

And how about giving a fan of bitcoin the currency itself? One of the easiest and safest ways to gift bitcoin is to order a special paper wallet.

For example, on the site you can create an empty wallet and replenish it for any amount you want to give. After generating the bitcoin address, you can select the design of the image on top of which an address and key to access the wallet will be printed. So the only thing left is to print out the certificate, write down your congratulations and the gift is ready.

You can determine the value of the gift yourself. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to but a single bitcoin. For example, you can give a symbolic number of coins, such as the date of birth of the recipient.

But alternatively - one of the biggest bitcoin mining companies, BTCC has given an opportunity to buy a physical bitcoin that will be backed 1 to 1 to a digital coin. But that option may be rather pricey and availability is rather scarce. Some can occasionally be spotted on e-bay.

Crypto Gear

But what about something simpler, a gift that doesn’t require a substantial investment?

A piece of clothing will always be desirable and appropriate. The gift will be limited only by your wishes. You can choose a T-shirt, sweatshirt, cap, sweater, socks, tie or cufflinks, or why not a bitcoin tie. A huge number of stores are fulfilling the demand for crypto apparel. You can also find cases for the phone, watches, jewelry and other items with the image of bitcoin or almost any other crypto.


And what if you need a literally symbolic gift? Then go for a souvenir, as their producers have taken note of the growing interest in the crypto theme. And so placed the symbols of bitcoin and other coins on a great variety of items that can be found online.

Choose from mugs, flash drives, drinks glasses, playing cards, key chains, buckles for belts, and about a billion other things. Whatever you can imagine, someone has already produced it for you and is ready to ship it! Just visit your search engine, type in the query and order your crypto souvenir.


Well, last but not least, we saved the most serious gift for last. Of course, it will obviously cost more than a T-shirt but it's also likely to generate some cash. If your crypto fan has not yet begun their own mining op, then this will be an irresistible excuse to start.

But when buying such a gift, you should consider several nuances. First you need to decide which exactly cryptocurrency your friend or relative wants to mine. After this, it is necessary to study possible options for buying miners, comparing them by technical characteristics, the manufacturer and prices.

What is Mining? - Layman’s Terms

To find out more about mining and different types of it, check out our tutorial.

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