How to Pass Microsoft 70-417 Exam Like a Total Boss?
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Wait! Have you ever thought for once how the IT sphere will be in the next decade? Perhaps we might not know what might happen in the future just yet but what everybody knows is that technology is never stand-still. Just the other day most of the people knew nothing about the cloud platform but today, it’s become the people’s darling when it comes to data safety.

So, what does this mean? It implies that all IT professionals should maintain their credibility in the highly volatile IT sphere by obtaining credentials that are aligned with their career growth and business needs. In that case, opting for the Microsoft certifications would make absolute sense.

Have you heard of the composite exam, 70-417 before? Perhaps you are now worried that its detailed nature will hinder you from passing it on your first attempt. You don’t have to because here’s detailed coverage of the exam concepts and how best you can prepare for it. Contrary to many people’s opinions, you’ll realize that passing this exam is not as hard as you think. Let’s begin by looking at the exam details.

Exam Details

Microsoft 70-417 exam is an upgrade test that verifies your ability to manage the core features and functionality of the Windows Server 2012 R2 from the underlying knowledge base of the MCSA Windows Server 2008. It is a composite exam which is made up of as many as three tests.

This exam is an easier step for you to upgrade your skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012, as the whole path includes taking three distinct exams, such as 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412.

Given its detailed nature, this exam tests a variety of skills associated with the Windows Server 2012 infrastructure. The exam 70-410 for instance, validates your skills regarding the installation and configuration of servers, server roles and features, Hyper-V, and installation and administration of Active Directory.

The exam 70-411, on the other hand, which is the second part in this series, tests the skills related to the deployment, management, and maintenance of servers, the configuration of network services and access, network policy server infrastructure, configuration and management of Active Directory and Group Policy.

Finally, the exam 70-412 validates the skills regarding the configuration and management of high availability, the configuration of file and storage solutions, implementation of business continuity and disaster recovery, the configuration of network services, and configuration of access and information protection solutions.


So which individuals are best suited for this exam? Well, the Microsoft exam 70-417 befits IT professionals looking to authenticate their skills regarding the implementation of Windows Server 2012 Services.


This exam is meant to be an upgrade test and as such, it dictates that candidates must have attained one of the required Windows XP, Server 2000, 2003, or 2008 certifications. Passing 70-417 exam clears your path to attaining the prestigious MCSA Windows Server 2012 certification.

Preparation Options

With such a detailed nature, taking the exam 70-417 can be intimidating. But the good news is, it’s no brain surgery and there’s a way out. The top secret for acing this exam on your first trial is through good preparation.

It entails the combination of different training study materials from various sources. The number one destination for helpful resources is the Microsoft official website and here are a few options to begin with.

Instructor-Led Training

Like it or not, the learning platform is evolving and its’ time to embrace the changes. Unlike traditional classroom training, the instructor-led platform can be done online with invaluable tips from your own comfort. One of the most important courses for the exam 70-417 preparation is the 10417D: Upgrading your skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012 which you can readily find here.

Practice Test

Practice exam questions quickly come to mind at the mention of excellent study materials. Clearly, the role of practice tests during your certification journey cannot be underrated. Apart from instilling the much-needed confidence before scheduling your test, these resources also give you a clue of your strengths and weak areas that need more attention.


Reading may not be one of the most fun activities but reading for your certification exam is worth it. If you are unsure of what resources to read, then check out the Exam Ref 70-417 from the Microsoft Press Store. It could make a difference.

Other Training Options — Examsnap Website

Microsoft official website has plentiful resources you may need for your certification exam preparation. But remember 70-417 test is so detailed that focusing on a few training materials won’t do you any good. Besides, that would be unfair.

This is where website comes in. Whatever resource you may need for your 70-417 exam preparation, Examsnap got you covered. From the premium file to the practice questions as well as the valued exam dumps, the choice of what materials to use remains a personal decision.

Saying that the exam dumps from the Examsnap website are the best materials for your certification exam preparation would not be an exaggeration. As all you’ll find there are of top quality. Just for $39.98, you can get now a premium file, checked by IT experts, a training course and a study guide. So, if you want to stand a chance of excelling in your exam then checking them out is worth your time.

Exam Scheduling

Feel free to schedule your exam anytime through the Pearson VUE website. Of course, after paying the exam fee worth $165 for every attempt.


Technology is never stand-still and it bears the question, why should you? With the above tips, claims that the exam 70-417 is the most difficult Microsoft certification exam are misplaced. With personal commitment, self-discipline and hard work, acing your exam should be easier. Probably it’s time to kill the noise and focus on your certification goals.

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