Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
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At the age of modern computer technologies, it is silly not to use their advantages to the fullest. Only several years ago in order to buy something or get some service, you needed to have a purse full of money, and lose your valuable time shopping or visiting offices.

Nowadays, this process has become much easier, and the discovery of cryptocurrencies was a great step ahead. Bitcoin is the main digital token at the moment, which can make your life much easier.

Some people have doubts about getting and using it, but I will show you that the concerns are groundless. A lot of companies accept BTC as a means of payment; the list of those brands widens each day. Let’s talk about the top ten companies that accept Bitcoin.

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Payment Service PayPal

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

An American service PayPal Holdings, Inc. is a platform for online payments. It helps customers to buy goods and services securely and quickly with one click of a mouse. It has plenty of benefits both for merchants and their clients. The once affiliated company of eBay, PayPal was one of the first that started accepting bitcoins. PayPal announced it in September 2014, and has successfully worked with it since that time via its Braintree department.

This mobile platform facilitates online shopping, and lets sellers accept BTC. It has established integration with several popular bitcoin payment providers, like GoCoin, BitPay, and Coinbase, thus encouraging more people to buy on the internet using digital tokens.

In addition, the Coinbase wallet users can transfer their coins to the PayPal account, having converted them to dollars. The company has clients in 32 countries all over the world, largely due to its strategy to work with cryptos.

Retail Company Overstock

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

Overstock is a retailing company that deals with household items, clothes, accessories, furniture, etc. It has successfully worked in e-commerce for more than 20 years, being one of the pioneers in using blockchain technologies and Bitcoin since January 2014. The BTC exchange Coinbase is involved here, too, so all you need is some tokens available on your account.

Then everything is simple:

  • you can either enter your profile on Overstock, or proceed as a guest;
  • choose an item you want to buy and then press “Checkout”;
  • check BTC as a means of payment, and submit an order.

Overstock’s CEO and founder, Patrick Byrne, is one of the major blockchain proponents, who claims that this tech gives huge benefits, and freedom, to both sellers and buyers.

The largest web-based retail company has announced in 2017 that it provides an opportunity to use altcoins, such as Litecoin, Moreno, and Ether, through the ShapeShift exchange, which converts them into BTC automatically.

Tech Giant Microsoft

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

As the world-leading hi-tech and the biggest public company, Microsoft develops, produces, and supports computer and mobile gadget software, and designs, sells, and maintains consumer electronics. Its products, like Microsoft Windows, Xbox, or Microsoft Office, are well known and widely used all over the world.

The company first started accepting Bitcoin in December 2014. You can use your BTC to buy applications, games, videos, and other content in the Windows and Xbox web stores. Remember, you won’t be allowed to spend cryptos in the Microsoft store, and gift cards are not sold for BTC, too.

All the transactions are very fast and convenient, so you will not spend more than 15 minutes to finish your shopping:

  • enter your Microsoft account;
  • find “Redeem bitcoin” among the payment options in the section “Payment and billing.” Press “Next”;
  • if you work from your personal computer, you’ll have to click “Open in wallet,” then finish the transaction from your crypto wallet;
  • on mobile devices, you can scan the QR code;
  • copy out the recipient address and paste it on another device, in case you’re using some other hardware, or web-based service.

Do not panic if the transaction does not go through within seconds, it may take a couple of hours. And be aware that there are no refunds allowed for BTC payers.

Expedia: Travel Booking Website

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

Expedia Group, Inc. is a 22-year-old travel company, which helps regular customers and businesses find tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc., for the best price. With the help of their website, you can get information about schedules, free rooms, and, of course, book all you need for a pleasant trip. Expedia has been working with Bitcoin since June 2014, it uses Coinbase to facilitate BTC payments. Here’s how it works:

  • you’ll be sent to your Coinbase account;
  • you’ll see the exact BTC amount you’ll have to pay including all the fees. Do not try to change it, otherwise the transaction will not be confirmed;
  • try to finish your operation within 10 minutes, as the Coinbase updates the conversion rates regularly, thus, the total cost may change;
  • confirm the transaction and wait a little. It may take an hour, or longer, because the BTC transfers have to be verified by miners.

Your bitcoins can be refunded, excluding the fees, and in accordance to US dollar rate at the moment of the refund initiation.

Hosting Service Namecheap

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

Namecheap, Inc. is a domain name registrar and manager that provides the full range of web hosting services. It first declared accepting Bitcoin in March 2013, satisfying the requests and feedback of its customers. The company reasonably considers itself to be a trailblazer in the sphere of free internet and innovations. Adding bitcoins on your Namecheap balance is easy:

  • go to the profile section, press “Billing,” and then “TOP-UP” in the Account Funds;
  • choose Bitcoin and press “Next”;
  • indicate the amount, and then click “Go to BitPay”;
  • don’t forget to provide your email address in case there is some issue with your payment;
  • then, you can go to your wallet, or use the QR code with a mobile device. Send BTC to the provided address;
  • “Continue to Namecheap” button will return you to the website of the company to finish your operation.

The option to download the bill in PDF format is available. Once you have tokens on your account, you can go to Profile — Billing — Checkout — Edit. There, you can choose “Account Balance” to buy domains or pay for the services.

eGifter: Gift Card Service

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

eGifter is a company that offers gift cards for you to share with your friends and family, buy some for yourself, make a group gift, or send video greetings. The company has started accepting Bitcoin in October 2013, and now everyone can purchase gift cards of such brands as Uber, Dunkin’ Donuts, AppStore, and 250+ more, using BTC:

  • choose the card you want and check out;
  • select Bitcoin as a method of payment;
  • you will be provided with the BitPay pop-up window with the QR code for the mobile wallet, and the link to the PC wallet app;
  • in case you do not have any, you still can do everything manually, copying and pasting the address;
  • get the confirmation code on email;
  • go to your eGifter account and get the card.

If your order is canceled, you can make a new one, and your money will not be lost. You get points for each order to have a discount for the next time.

JM Bullion: Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

JM Bullion is an online retailer that offers a wide range of products made of gold, silver, platinum, copper, and palladium. It has been accepting bitcoins since 2016, and considers this way of payment to be reliable and convenient:

  • add the product you want to your shopping cart;
  • choose to pay with Bitcoin;
  • click “Checkout Now.” You’ll have to be logged in to your JM Bullion account;
  • provide the website with your full name, phone number, email, billing and shipping addresses;
  • click “Proceed to Next Steps” button, and you will be redirected to BitPay;
  • you should complete your payment within 15 minutes, otherwise your transaction will fail, and you’ll need to do everything again from the beginning.

It will take up to one business day to process and ship your order. You can pay bitcoin amounts within the limits of $100 - $250,000, and will get 3 percent discount. After being completed, your purchase cannot be canceled.

Post Oak Motor Cars

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

Post Oak Motor Cars is the mainstream luxury automobile (such as Bentley, Bugatti and Rolls-Royce) retailer, which also provides maintenance and repair for their cars. It was the first dealership in the USA to start accepting BTC and BCH in September 2018. The owner of the company, Tilman Fertitta, said that he wants to give his clients all over the world a faster and easier way to pay for the vehicles.

The payment system works via BitPay, all you need to do is choose using BTC as form of payment, and then complete the deal from your account there. You have already learned from the upper articles how this payment processor works. The first person who bought a Bentley using bitcoins, Houston restaurateur Ken Bridge, said that he respects Fertitta’s pioneering steps in using cryptotechnologies.

Insurance Company Inguard

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

INGUARD is an insurance company that provides services in risk management and consulting. It develops insurance strategies for individuals, families, and businesses, specializing in complex tasks. INGUARD has become the first representative of the industry to accept bitcoin payments back in 2013. The policy of the company was to face up the modern technologies in order to make the lives of its clients better, and hold the lead in the business.

Currently, more and more people want to pay for these services via the internet, as it’s really convenient and fast. Most of the companies, though, even if they adopt new techs, don’t really satisfy customers and follow their needs. Accepting bitcoins was a big step towards the consumer. The company’s aim is to be ahead being the best for the clients. In order to spend BTC, you’ll have to give out your contact information, so that the manager could send you the instructions how to do it. The company works via BitPay, too.

Bodog: Betting Company

Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin
John Ryan

Bodog is the best place for all kinds of gamblers. Keen poker players, casino lovers, sports and race fans, everyone who likes sweepstakes and betting, are invited. Bitcoin has been accepted for a couple of years, providing all the advantages of cryptocurrency such as anonymous, safe, fast, and free of charge transactions, that you can make any time and from any part of the world. You don’t have to leave your house or to wait in a queue. Your money is under your control only. The company believes that this way of payment will help its clients feel more comfortable and secure.

Here is a short step-by-step guide for BTC payers:

  • first of all, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, with some tokens there;
  • on the “Deposit Page,” choose Bitcoin as a payment method and enter the amount of your deposit;
  • scan the QR code with your mobile device;
  • or copy out the Bitcoin Bodog address and use it to send cryptos onto your Bodog balance. All is done.

Your deposits are limited to $20 — $5,000, while the withdrawals cannot be lower than $20 or higher than $3,000.

Summing Up

Bitcoin has become the major cryptocurrency since its launch in 2009. More and more people are using it, and the companies that offer their services and goods online cannot ignore it. Bitcoin is already accepted by many of the biggest companies as a form of payment, and the number is increasing each day. Taking into consideration that the blockchain tech is being rapidly implemented into many spheres of our life and business, such as finance management and audit, politics, sociology, healthcare, food supply, insurance, gambling, etc., I expect that soon everyone will be able to pay with Bitcoin everywhere.

Even now, cryptocurrencies make lots of casual things faster and easier. You can use them not only to pay for the services of large companies, but also to do such a simple thing as buying pizza. There are websites where you can pay with bitcoins only. As an example, PizzaForCoins, you can see the main idea of this company from its title. Here, you can order some snacks and have them delivered to your home. No fuss with your credit card, and they accept 50+ cryptos! I believe that this is just the beginning, and the best of times for Bitcoin is yet to come.

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