Rapper Soulja Boy "Made 100 Racks off Bitcoin": Crypto Mania Speeds up
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Rapper Soulja Boy joined the ranks of celebrities seeking to get involved with cryptocurrency after the release of his new single titled "Bitcoin". In his new composition, the artist talks about the wealth that he managed to get with the help of cryptocurrency investments.

The single claims that Soulja Boy "made 100 racks off bitcoin" According to the Urban dictionary (an online dictionary of words and phrases in English slang), one “rack” is $1,000. Thus, Soulja claims that he earned about $100,000 on his investment in cryptocurrency.

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However, the text also says that the rapper “spent 6,000 on the Bitcoin”, based on which we can assume that the entire Soulja cryptocurrency portfolio consisted of one BTC purchased for $6,000. If true, then the most profit that Soulja Boy could have earned should be about 10.4 “racks” of dollars, assuming that he sold his BTC at a record high price in December 2017.

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Soulja Boy also states in his single that he regularly transfers cryptocurrencies via Paypal, despite the fact that Paypal has never provided support for digital currencies. He probably refers to P2P deals made through sites like Localbitcoins using Paypal.

The album “Kamikaze”, recently released by rapper Eminem, also mentions cryptocurrencies – the song “Not Alike” criticizes a sudden rush among artists trying to bind themselves with cryptocurrencies. Eminem’s feature artist Royce raps: "Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin."

These events once again confirm that cryptocurrencies are actively penetrating not only the global financial markets but also the entertainment industry.

Starring Bitcoin: TV Shows About Cryptocurrencies

Earlier in May, a mobile game ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ featured cryptocurrencies in its storyline. Within the framework of the game, Martin, in a dialogue with Homer, constantly talks about blockchain without explaining what it is. Martin says that he mined some bitcoin with his computer, and then “the value went through the roof”, confessing that he pretends to be an expert on it, as he hadn’t heard of blockchain “until last week”.

Marvel’s ‘Hunt for Wolverine” comic book ‘Adamantium Agenda #1’ also “stars” cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is described in the comic book as a universal tool, often used by robots. At a certain point, Tony Stark must make a payment, and he decides to resort to the help of the cryptocurrency guided by the peculiarities of the situation.

Bitcoin was also mentioned in popular TV series, for example, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

In one of the episodes of the long-lasting series, the hospital where the main events take place was attacked by hackers, which caused a blue screen of death on all computers of the clinic, followed by the attackers' demand for a ransom in bitcoins.

The most unrealistic aspect of the episode was not malfunctioning equipment but a ransom demand. In exchange for rebooting the Gray-Sloan Memorial hospital systems, the hacker demanded 4,932 BTC worth $20 million at the then exchange rate. In real life, buyout requirements are significantly lower, and organizations rarely pay.

In the sevens season of ‘Homeland’ TV series, another ransomware including bitcoin was spotted. The computer of the main character Carrie Mathison was infected with malware that was giving all the control of the device to the hacker. In return, he demanded first $5,000 to be paid in bitcoin but then doubled that amount.

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