Ten Reasons to Move to Malta
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Malta has it all: great weather, good food, rich history, stable economy, and dynamic culture. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with the Maltese and everything connected with this paradise island.

1. Food

Ten Reasons to Move to Malta
hobz biz-zejt

The Maltese themselves are delighted with their unique and diverse cuisine. What distinguishes traditional food here from any other? The fact that it was formed under the European and North African influences, combining foreign recipes with local ingredients. For example, pasitstsi (flavored pastries stuffed with ricotta or spinach), tympanum (pasta cake) and hobz biz-zejt (bread snack with olive oil, tomatoes, tuna, and capers) are popular among both: the locals and the visitors. Living here means getting an unlimited access to all the delicacies.

2. Maltese speak several languages

Although Maltese is the national language of the Maltese archipelago, its population is mostly multilingual. Maltese and English are official languages. In addition, many locals know Italian. According to the statistics, 88% of the population speaks excellent English and 66% speak Italian. So tourists and expats can forget about the language barrier and difficulties in communication.

3. Sun all year round

Malta is surrounded by water, so winter is mild and summer is dry and hot. It is among the lucky European countries that enjoy good weather all year round: an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine and eight months of summer (from April to November). Air temperature is in the range of 17–23° С during the day and 11–20° С at night. It's just a dream - no change of seasons, it is always sunny and warm!

4. The sea is within the reach

This is an island. If you do not live right on the shore, then surely you are within 10-15 minutes drive from it. At any time, you can go for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea or watch a stunning sunset over its waters.

5. The distances here are quite insignificant

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world and the smallest country of the European Union. But despite the tiny area - only 316 km² - it is full of all kinds of entertainment, and its size only means that you can quickly get anywhere. And one more thing. Malta is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, so getting here by plane is also easy and does not take much time.

6. Rich history and culture

Because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean, Malta has acquired a rich and fascinating history. One power replaced another: at different times, the country was led by the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Normans, the Arabs, the Knights Hospitallers, the French and the British. Because of this, Malta has developed a truly unique culture, which you can join at literally every step. In three cities, fortresses have been preserved, and here and there on the island, you can meet the Neolithic temples. And if you want to plan the whole year in advance, you can set out to visit one of the 359 local churches every day.

7. Weekend on Gozo

Locals call Gozo the younger sister of Malta, many of them go there for the weekend. The island is only 15–20 minutes by ferry from Malta, and during this short crossing, you can enjoy views of the island of Comino and the Gulf of Mgarr. By reaching Gozo, you will plunge into peace and quiet. You can spend the weekend without leaving the charming farmhouse, and you can go horse riding, rent a bike or take a walk in the hills. Among other good ideas is to visit the ancient temple of Ggantija or the Blue Window Rock in Dwejra Bay. In general, it would be nice to return to Gozo from time to time throughout the year to gradually explore all its secrets.

8. Festivals

Maltese know what a holiday is. One has only to look at their festivals (village festivals), which are held throughout the year. The most intense holiday season is from May to September. Each village honors its patron saint with noisy fireworks and orchestral music. The statue of the saint is solemnly carried through the festively decorated village streets. Well, of course, not a single Maltese holiday is complete without adequate food, therefore, stalls with traditional treats, for example, honey ringlets and nougat, line up in the streets. Festa is an event truly unforgettable, but with such a frequency of holding, you simply do not have time to get bored.

9. Maltese are renowned for their hospitality

The Maltese are known for their friendliness and warm attitude towards the guests of the country. They are always ready to help and strive to make you feel at home.

10. Well-established communication with other European countries

Air Malta flies to more than 35 European cities. This is a great option to quickly fly to visit family and friends, or vice versa - so that they jumped into the plane and plunged into the warmth of Malta and at the same time shared with you all the joys of life here.

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