Most Tech-Savvy Hotels in the World
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For all the tech minds that like to travel and explore, you haven’t seen everything, just yet! There are a few hotels in the world that can surprise with how they managed to combine new technologies with the usual aspects of comfort we have come to expect out of luxurious hotels. Fancy a robot checking you in or staying in an architectural masterpiece that was built out of the most advanced materials available to the humankind? Here’s our pick of the top spots from all around the world:

Japan - The Weird Hotel

The Weird Hotel is something else for your inner child, well or for you actual offspring. If your trip to Japan is expected to be filled with robots and high tech surroundings, this accommodation will perfectly fit the hopes.

Savage dinosaur – an English speaking robot meets international tourists, while the Japanese female humanoid with blinking lashes welcomes locals. Robots explain how to check in and fill all the required forms on touchscreens, they also feature facial recognition to register the guests so that there is no need for the key to access the room. Pretty much everything is automated here; the luggage is delivered to the room by a robotic trolley, guests can manage all the in-room facilities by talking to Tuly – a pretty little pink tulip, which can answer simple questions about the weather and the upcoming events, as well as regulate temperature and room lighting as there are no switches on the walls.

Although, robots can’t make beds, yet. Hideo Sawada, who runs the hotel, maintains the idea that the use of robots improves cost efficiency through minimizing employment costs and human errors. The hotel price of 9,000 ($80), which is a good deal for Japan, supports Sawada’s words. However, one area which is supported by people is the security. People monitor the safety of guests... and upscale the robots.

Poland - Blow Up Hall 5050

This hotel not only attracts guests with a practical use of tech facilities but also through utilizing digital art to amuse everyone who enters a rather unorthodox lobby. The avant-garde designed hotel is located at the sight of an old brewery building. The hotel complex exhibits various digital installations of the world’s best-known artists. The innovative approach concentrates on the details: from design to the effective operations, guests’ comfort and support. Instead of the front desk check-in, regular keys, and concierge, guests receive an iPhone that provides them all with all the information they may need and their access to the room and its facilities.

Eccleston Square, London

London is the city where old meets new at every corner: architecture, old traditions, and modern vision, where it all blends together. To fully immerse into the culture of contrasts, Eccleston Square is a perfect option. This hotel exudes history, while the technology pervades the building with various hi-tech facilities all around – all for its guests’ pleasure and comfort.

Rooms are equipped with touchscreens to operate the music, lighting, and temperature, TV screens are masked within bathroom mirrors, shower walls are turned from clear to frosted at the touch of the button and an iPad is provided to each guest to act as a personal concierge.

Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine, Spain

This hotel is situated 120 miles north of Madrid, in the beautiful countryside and has become known as the first hotel in Europe to offer its visitors access to Google Glass free of charge. Annie Bennett who visited Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine earlier this year was surprised at how easily she could take photos and make videos using the tech device.

If you haven’t come across that quirky piece of tech yet, Google Glass has a spectacles frame without lenses made of clear plastic with a rectangular prism that houses a virtual screen on which a user can access the internet, by rolling the eyes.

The hotel occupies a historical sight, a mansion surrounded by vineyards and beautiful sights. A good-sized swimming pool and access to a former chapel where a Michelin star restaurant is located present a treat. So, don’t miss an opportunity to take those food pics for your Instagram while you are there!

Loews Hotel 1000, Seattle

Located in the heart of the city and is within a walking distance to the waterfront. A 13-story building offers a fantastic bay-side view to those lucky few. The list of facilities sets this place apart from most other hotels in the world, but what truly makes it special are the built-in infrared detectors that alert the housekeeping staff if the room is currently occupied. If this is not enough, then each room is fitted with a unique IP system that allows guests to play the desired music, choose their own temperature and even swipe through a selection of artworks that will be displayed.

Oh, and one other thing, apart from your usual swimming pools, spa treatments, gyms and so on, booking the exclusive King Suite provides access to two digital golf practice areas.

Berlin: NH Hotel.

The top tech feature of this hotel will slay business travelers. If you are figuring out how to make the best impression while making a business presentation, NH Hotel is the place, as the conference rooms support the holographic technology. The projection of a 3D image will make even a boring meeting more attractive and engaging.

The four-star hotel chain does an excellent job at offering well-renovated rooms with a designer touch to make any business trip enjoyable. And if you want to go for something special with this chain then NH hotel will provide you with a colorful lift to fuel the rest of your day.

Yotel, New York

Self-service in the middle of Manhattan? That’s gotta be something new! As digital developments and high tech continue to invade the hospitality industry, New York could not pass by the trend of an automated service.

Self-service check-in, through a robot called YOBOT, takes care of luggage and stores guests’ valuables in a safety deposit box if required.

Motion sensors in the rooms allow activating air conditioning and lighting in a new way, without the need to handle the electronic keys and overall bedroom equipment meets the highest of tech standards.

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