Hungry For Knowledge? Top Blockchain Courses To Indulge In
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Sept. 16, 2018
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Few people can boast knowing everything when it comes to all things crypto or blockchain, and the ones who do that are most likely lying as the industry is far too young to develop first-class experts. Though there is an opportunity to get a greater amount of understanding of crypto through various online course providers. Those included in the list are regarded as being the most comprehensive courses that cover specific areas of knowledge. Overall, there are plenty of online sources and specifically designed training courses that can fill the gaps in one's crypto knowledge no matter how experienced you are. So here are our top picks:

In case you don’t really need a course to learn about either crypto, bitcoin or blockchain as you already consider yourself a master of the crypto world, these three courses are for you. Why might you need them? The key goal is to prove your knowledge and abilities to get a certificate. Comprehensive materials are followed with thorough tests and exams so that anyone holding the expert certificate will have better prospects for employment in crypto, blockchain or bitcoin projects.

The career growth paths for a certified cryptocurrency expert could potentially land you the following positions: crypto consultant, crypto miner or crypto researcher. After the cryptocurrency expert course, you will be able to recommend and develop investments strategies, evaluate crypto risks, and maintain portfolios.

As a bitcoin expert, you can become a perfect candidate for a bitcoin trader or consultant and work with trading strategies and mining.

After the blockchain expert course, you will be able to create blockchain-based applications for projects and become a certified professional like blockchain architect, project manager or consultant.

In case you became interested in these courses, they are hosted at Blockchain Council and taught by Toshendra Sharma.

This video course is a full guide on how to start using digital currency effectively and with low risks. Foundation knowledge and key concepts are covered to start on getting the idea of what you are going to deal with. All types of cryptocurrencies will be described in detail with the explanation of the difference between coins and tokens. Some market trends will also be reviewed to get an idea of the valuable cryptocurrencies. The course is perfect for understanding the basic concepts of how to get in full swing using, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies. As a bonus, you will get a “Cryptocurrency Exchange Starter Guide” which holds some useful information about the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

This course is hosted at Udemy and instructed by Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team

The course is a bestseller at Udemy – the host of Blockchain A-Z. In the course, the procedure of blockchain creation is described in detail. The moderators of the course promise that after learning the theory provided, initiative blockchain knowledge will develop to help to identify where blockchain can be used and implemented in real life projects. You will need some basic math skills along with the interest in the operation structure of blockchain.

Blockchain – Principles and Practices

In case you already have some fundamental theoretical knowledge of blockchain and there is a need to dive in deeper this course is for you. This blockchain course will grant users a chance to get in-depth knowledge of development principles and a deeper understanding of the blockchain data structure. The material of the course also includes blockchain algorithms. Moreover, this material will develop a knowledge base for building working examples of a typical blockchain.

Dealing with digital currency is extremely risky if the security is not effectively thought out. Crypto infrastructure is not yet fully developed to keep the currency secure from threats. This course provides all the necessary information on safe crypto currency storage. Benefits of the main crypto wallets (Paper, Desktop, Hardware, and Mobile) are evaluated with the guidance of wallet creation. Currency security and safety, sending and receiving are all covered with an explanation of tips and tricks. Some practical examples are also available in order to better understand the theory.

Cryptocurrency Made Easy: A Beginners Bootcamp!

If you have no background in maths and you are just getting started with crypto then this place is perfect for you to grasp the basics of cryptocurrency trading while discovering the basic topics and what they mean. Becoming a part of such a group also entails gaining access to a vastly growing community of like-minded people. Anyone starting on a journey to acquire more knowledge is still at the forefront of the movement and will undoubtedly find many friends. To embark on this course one simply needs to have a good internet connection and a bank account. The step-by-step guide will shine the light on all stages of the process from buying the first crypto to keeping it safe and then onto trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Hosted at: Udemy Instructor: George Levy

If anyone needs to gain in-depth knowledge on bitcoin and blockchain and how they can be applied in our lives then this is the perfect one for you. This course was set up for those with a business interest in these technologies and for those need to build their knowledge base in those areas. We often hear in the news that large numbers of businesses are either considering blockchain or are already testing it. So any business professional could benefit from finding out how blockchain could profit the firm while learning the basing terms and functions. Although some advanced topics are included in the guide that could prove to be a stretch too difficult for some. However, this course is really not intended for the technical minds seeking to learn programming and coding.

Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise

Hosted at: Pluralsight Instructor: Scott Driscoll

This course is intended for creative minds that want to come up with new and profitable ways to utilize the blockchain technology. Participants are not only taught what blockchain is but are encouraged to come up with creative solutions for businesses that would cut costs and increase efficiency. Regardless of which industry you are from, the course will showcase a great number of solutions, revealing how the technology can be applied almost anywhere from banking to healthcare while also breaking down the pros and cons of existing enterprise software packages. The course promises to reveal how blockchain provides a new way of doing business.

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