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This is a compilation of the best sports apps within each specific area – with an addition of some truly awesome ideas that you probably didn’t even know were a thing or even available. No matter if you live in the U.S. or Dubai, if you’re a pro-Iron Man challenger, or an amateur looking to lose some weight, looking to start on the path of meditation or take up yoga or even do some heavy weight lifting, we will have you covered.

These are the top apps listed as editors’ choices on Apple and Google app stores, those with high consumer ratings as well as my own views. I’ve personally tried half of the apps described here and one of them has become my absolute favorite as of late, read on to find out which one. So here it goes.


Available on: iOS

The key feature of the app is the community and team aspect of the workouts – whereby a group of friends or work colleagues can get together for a quick and intensive workout during lunch or on a weekend. Regularly updated 30-day challenges and daily inspirations will keep the workouts exciting and you well motivated. Personalized workouts can be set up that follow the principles of Tabata which are the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) type of a workout, where each exercise lasts for around four minutes.

No matter if you are at home, outdoors or in a gym – the app will get you sweating. You can also train towards your goal with specialized training plans to get ready for anything from a 5k run to a marathon. New content is added on weekly basis to keep the user challenged.

Another thing that sets the app apart is the ‘Fundracing’ initiative – a fundraising tool to get underserved kids into sports. The app claims to have helped over 3,800 children which is achieved through donations from users.


Available on: iOS, Android

In case you’re not a fan of group workouts then just - Skip the gym! Even though it is hard to ignore this moto while coping with a healthy and active lifestyle. This app provides programs for high-intensity interval training. HIIT has always been one of the most effective and popular fitness classes. Pushing your heart rate and sweating your cheat days out amid a group of fit athletes around in a stuffy class may be disturbing for some introverts. 8Fit is a way to give up group fitness without jeopardizing the quality of the workouts. A nice tool to spend a bit less time on keeping fit with no need to get out of the comfort of your home. Moreover, meal plans are also customized to tailor your goals and exercise programs for greater results.

Daily Yoga

Available on: Android, iOS

The most comprehensive yoga app with over 100 classes for both fitness and spirit, categorized into 7 sections by yoga pros for your convenience. Detailed personal data is collected from all the workouts, and you can track your history on a separate page and plan for workouts ahead. The app like many others provides a video guide that shows how to best perform the tasks, but there are certain workouts where the instructor is teaching a lesson with a picturesque scenery behind them, like a clear Caribbean beach.

What also sets this one apart is the strong community where users can interact and share secrets on how to gain the best results. It also has a built-in music player that would perfectly fit the mood of whatever the workout you go for.

A pro version is also available that offers personalized plans for unlimited classes of all types being the fat burning to better sleep or body sculpting. New content is offered on monthly basis. And a deluxe music pack.


Available on: iOS, Android

Now this one is slightly different from anything else:

The app is mainly based on working out in a gym or a studio but it lets you pick which gym or studio to go to based on what you would like to do. From thousands of options out there, pick between cycling, yoga or boxing, swimming, tennis and any other sports activity you can think of, then load up the map and see what’s on offer around you. The schedule for classes is loaded in the app so you just pick one and book it. The app also recommends classes based on the ones you attended in the past. If you are unsure of how to pick the best place the app offers a comprehensive rating system of stars and comments. But there’s also room for solo activities as the app offers a 101-video format for individual workouts where you follow the instructions from the screen of your phone.

The app is home to 50 cities in the New York area in the U.S. and it’s a membership-based monthly subscription. The price includes credits that cover from 2 to 13 classes depending on the level you choose.

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Available on: Android, iOS

A meditation app that is tailored for all levels of fitness and spiritual involvement. It also offers to pick the desired goal from stress relief to sleep, body, emotions, relationships and even travel meditation. When you load up the app for the first time, a start-up session is loaded that will take you through all the features and perks. You can track your process and get the stats plus the app tries to keep you motivated with daily quotes.

It offers various schemes from just form 5 minutes a day and is generally packed with features like a five-day guided meditation practice, notifications to remind that it’s time to relax, and offers advice based on the individual meditation habits.

If your goal is to become more mindful and make meditation a part of your daily routine, this app is widely regarded to be the gold standard. The trial is free and a small monthly fee is required to continue, a premium subscription will open up further features.

Oh, and do remember to switch your phone into a flight mode when at it.


Available on: iOS

This one is designed for all the heavy lifters out there. The app provides a custom fit workout to plan your next step. It does it by studying the workout patterns, personal ability, past workouts and also the equipment which is available to generate the best result possible. The app also does a good job of bringing in new exercises to keep things more interesting. It also provides video guides on how to perform the tasks which in a way replaces a personal trainer, as it talks through exactly how the exercise should be done. It’s integrated fully with apple watch for convenience but it’s a big shame that there is no support for Android.

Nike Training Club

Available on: iOS, Android

Sometimes the first step to enter the new lifestyle and take a fresh start is to shop for brand new fitness clothes. Nike goes beyond that and tries to keep your fitness apparel relevant for more than a week by providing plenty of fitness programs selected especially for your preferences and needs. There is a choice of options based on the equipment you have and the time you want to spend on training. Exercises are divided by categories of muscles and or by type of training whether you prefer yoga, running routines or strength trainings.

Easy intuitional navigation, sessions are presented in videos and all the details are clearly explained, sometimes better than gym trainers who somehow always have a different assessment of your physical shape and try to chat you up instead of making you sweat out your yesterday’s pre-bed gelato.

And I have to say this is the app of my choice right now as I like the timed training system where it gives you a task and then lets you rest before you start the next one. This method always keeps you on the edge but never over it. Another bonus is that some of the top stars that are contracted to Nike like Christiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Kevin Hart and many more share their workout routines.


Available on: Android, iOS

Now, this one is based on music and brags as being the #1 music fitness app, and to be fair no other app integrates music into the workout to the same degree as this one. With all other apps, we tend to have a music app run alongside the sports one and we keep changing between them – here this issue is solved.

At home or in the gym, pick the workout based on your fitness level and accept the challenge and let the well-picked music psyche you into the right mood to complete it. On sign up, you receive access to workouts put together by a team of personal trainers. Pick the one you prefer and not the one forced upon you and enter what you want to focus on, being it strength build up or weight loss. All workouts are guided and at least 40 new classes are being added every week, so the chance of you lacking for choice are slim especially when there are over 2,5 thousand workouts already available.

The app also offers a range of calculators from figuring out the running speed to the body mass index. The ecosystem is also supported by a lifestyle magazine that gives dietary and lifestyle advice. A free trial is available and as with most apps, a 12 month averagely priced package is the most economical way to continue.

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MyFitnessPal + MapMyFitness

Available on: iOS, Android

A nutrition-based app and website that tracks the diet and the level of exercise which then calculates the optimal calorie intake and the kind of nutrients that would be sufficient to fulfill the goals of the user. It claims to have 5 million foods in the system which encourages users to input the details of their workout and food consumed which would calculate the outcome.

The app also supports a full-on community page where new foods are being discussed and added to the system. One way to improve the experience is to use it alongside the MapMyFitness app, which is a rather well-built and basic app for keeping track of the workouts that also offers challenges to test the limits.

The whole platform is backed by a big sports apparel manufacturer – Under Armour, so not only it’s free but also available worldwide.


Available on: Android, iOS

When we think of exercises, we tend to picture ourselves as running or cycling into the sunset. When the destination is sorted, making the choice of the route to take could not be as simple as ABC. Use the app in case random obstacles, such as a crowded narrow street or nasty corner of the park filled with litter bins let you down and erase your motivation. The app gives you a variety of routes created by athletes near you, so you can add a competition to hit the record while enjoying the best local views.

Actually, what is great about this app is that it allows a connection to a local network of athletes, you can connect from anywhere around the globe and discover various challenges, races, and maps – like the one above. Detailed analysis of your exercises are tracked with GPS and you can share your achievements with friends and challenge other athletes.

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