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Sept. 4, 2018
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Cryptocurrencies have been out there for some time now, so it should be of no surprise that several strong communities have formed around the technology of blockchain and crypto. What’s also fantastic is that almost anything can now be answered, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro – the technology is in its infancy and so is our contemplation of it. So why not join a community and learn together? Here’s our pick of the best places to do just that:

Reddit – a good place to start:

In case you need a starting point to understand all the crypto trends and how to become involved in the crypto community, here is a good place to start and ask questions or even read the answers to the things that you may not know. Issues such as ‘the most efficient ways to buying the first crypto in your country’ or ‘getting an overall understanding of the market’, to defining the basics of what is Bitcoin and then getting to know the altcoins. This is a great opportunity to find out all the stuff that more advanced users may take for granted, but is priceless for a novice.

All in all, its reddit – almost anything can be found there and if not then you can always ask a question of your own – and the rest of the community will jump to help out.

Since we started off with reddit, let’s just stay here for a bit longer. The largest reddit group about bitcoin counts has around 700,000 followers. All the news and progress devoted to bitcoin will be presented here following up with discussions about the future. Daily discussions to posts on the legal status of bitcoin will likely address any issues a crypto enthusiast may have.

In case browsing the internet for crypto news has become too boring, try joining the dogecoin community. Plenty of memes and poking fun posts about other coins, and of course, some useful discussions, news and tech developments of dogecoin can be found there. The community is quick to respond to the latest news and is always willing to openly discuss issues at hand.

This thread is a perfect representation of the importance of community which is rather close knit, and possibly the only thing that kept the token afloat all these years and is now pushing it to becoming a strong contender for a top spot on the ratings.

For Traders:StackExchange

If FAQ are not enough for understanding all the matters of the crypto world, here is a website where you can find answers to the questions proposed and raise any of your own. Also a good platform for brainstorming and life hacks sharing. A more focused community, which seeks to generate a quick response to a query which does not need to become mainstream to attract attention.

In case you incur a strange and very specific problem that a simple google search cannot solve then head over here – with over 21 thousand questions already opened – the community which stands at nearly 60 thousand, will strive to help.

Crypto Traders Pro

Want to learn how to trade crypto and have some cash to spare then this is the spot. Online classrooms with group sessions will pair you with people of the same level. It's like being back at school but for grown-ups that want to get on a crypto spaceship and fly to the financial moon. As you may remember, learning in a class is always more fun and rewarding than just sitting in front of a screen for hours looking at endless red and green charts trying to make sense of them. Live webinars and mentorship schemes will quickly get you up to speed with an ever changing market.

For Miners:

Crypto Mining Blog

An amateur miner or a full on enthusiast? Looking to start out in the area or want to maximise your profits from your ultra fancy setup, then this is the perfect place for you!

If you are starting out and looking to invest in your first rig, then checking out this platform is essential as it can help you determine which crypto would be the most profitable to mine not just in short term, but potentially in the long run as well. Also, if you are looking to switch to mining another crypto this blog will most likely give a few ideas on how to transition with ease.

You can find there all the latest reviews and tests on mining. Cloud, hardware, software and other mining platforms are evaluated and discussed in terms of efficiency, costs and alternatives. You can also find up-to-date tools like mining profitability calculator. Finally tips and tricks for all things mining can be found – just type it in the search bar.

For Day–to-day:

Your Facebook feed shouldn’t necessarily be filled with updates from your classmates and adverts. You can join ‘Bitcoin Blockchain a Cryptor Trust Think Tank’ to follow the updates of crypto community and join the discussion on investment trends, crypto news and analytics. It’s a place to build your online crypto network as the FB community has +11k users and growing.We would all like to know how to profit from our investments – no one can tell you for certain but a collective mind should usually come up with a better decision than an individual. With this, you can keep your ear to the ground and be alerted to the potential movement on the market.

This community is well managed: members are encouraged to express their opinions on the matters raised, yet discussions are moderated so that the content is kept structured and available for easy access, searching and understanding. This community gathers and engages crypto enthusiasts through arranging online and offline events and sessions. There is an opportunity not only to increase your online list of contacts, but also catch up on the upcoming events to build common ground and to chat about digital tech in real life conversation with some snacks. Tutorials will be also available soon but are now open for beta testing.

Waves is an online platform which connects developers and community. And it was one of the first to bring crypto crowdfunding to the masses. Waves community token was later created in order to involve public to a greater extent allowing them to rate new crypto projects and get access to rewards. It now also houses an exchange and a wallet as well as a tokenization platform where all impressive ideas can be tokenized within a matter of minutes.

Check this one out to discover if anyone from your company’s managerial team is in the group. This may possibly break the ice with those working around your common ground and possibly spark many new collaborative projects from the like-minded people. Also, it’s worth following the group to get the latest corporate crypto news and build the professional network of crypto enthusiasts. Why not join and get involved in the process of crypto implementation into the corporate structures?

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