Kim Kardashian Goes All-In With Bitcoin
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Kim Kardashian West and Bitcoin — the two rising icons and phenomena of our age had their paths crossed during a charitable poker game.

The charity event was organized by City of Hope, a leading organization in researching diabetes and cancer. According to the crypto entrepreneur Matthew Roszak’s tweet, he gave one tangible bitcoin to the reality TV and fashion celebrity Kim Kardashian West just before the game.

As expected, the TV and social media star shared a story on her Instagram with an audience of 114 million followers, showcasing her betting bitcoin with a caption: “we moved onto bitcoin”

Kim Kardashian Goes All-In With Bitcoin

The physical bitcoin looks identical to Kialara-designed memorabilia and the now-sold-out item could be bought on the store’s website for $249.

It’s unknown whether the croupier accepted this bet since one bitcoin (Bitcoin) costs way more than the memorabilia and trades at $8,111 price at the time of this publication.

Kim Kardashian West’s reach in social media is enormously wide and showing an actual bitcoin on a poker table might work as an ad on creating awareness for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Interestingly, around the same time, the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted that for a mass adoption of cryptocurrencies it should be made easier for purchasing.


1) Kim Kardashian West is a very popular icon and seeing her using the bitcoin during a charity event might move reluctant potential investors, as well as add positive light on the cryptocurrencies’ reputation in public's eyes.

2) Tangibility and easier accessibility could be the key elements for mass adoption.

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In the meantime, if Kim Kardashian West would want to donate in crypto, she wouldn't be the first one to do so. Earlier this May, an American actor Ashton Kutcher presented a $4 million donation to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund on behalf of Ripple (XRP/USD).

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