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July 14, 2018
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Claiming to be the tech of tomorrow, blockchain demands a variety of groundbreaking skills desperately required by different sectors of the business world. As crypto moves further away from being an enthusiasts’ hobby and more towards being a science, universities all over the world are following the trend of establishing special courses, summer schools and educational programs focused specifically on crypto issues. In case you wish to upgrade your skills from a crypto fan to a crypto pro, we have compiled a list of recommendations that can put you one step ahead in the understanding of blockchain technology.


University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen definitely deserves the interest of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. As the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) hosts the European Blockchain center. Denmark’s capital might be named a European Mecca for crypto fans who will gather there in less than a month as the 2018 Blockchain Summer School launches on August 13. Though the application procedure is no longer available this year, our advice is to keep this program in mind for the future. The design and implementation of blockchain-based systems require interdisciplinary knowledge as well as mindful consideration of the broader economic and societal issues, claim the organizers of the school emphasizing their fundamental approach to teaching these issues. How to design and implement smart contracts? How to develop your own blockchain products? Copenhagen is a great place to find answers to all these questions.

The U.S.

Arizona State University

A full Computer Science Master's degree with a particular focus on blockchain is offered by Arizona State University and available at The degree is 100% online and gives you the opportunity to study whenever it is convenient for you. ASU offers this degree as a comprehensive Master’s program fully equating the attendee to full-time students. The degree does cost a fortune, yet there are dozens of financial options proposed by ASU in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans, meaning that instead of costing a fortune, it could bring you one.

Have a look at Princeton’s “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” course addressing basic principles of bitcoin circulation (also available on Coursera). It might be helpful in answering questions on how cryptocurrencies are regulated. A professor at Princeton, Arvind Narayanan states that 'after the course, the attendees will not only be able to separate facts from fiction but even be able to integrate ideas from bitcoin to their own projects.'

No doubt, it is the U.S. that stands on the forefront of crypto education. From New York, we have the New York University’s “Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies” course. Started in 2014, it is still available today offering an explanation of bitcoin and other web payment mechanisms in a very explicit manner.

Stanford University

Moving on to Stanford, we would suggest the “Bitcoin Engineering” program, which is specially designed for those who are interested in the production of bitcoin-based applications. It claims to be specifically for those who want to learn more on how applications that sell goods for cryptocurrencies function. The course might also serve as a good introduction to the world of crypto.

The governmental research institute of the east coast is providing its students, alumnus and even companies with a wide spectrum of knowledge regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Starting this spring, the university is launching two programs, teaching fundamentals (the course will have no formal prerequisites), as well as a course for an already experienced audience, for the developers.


University of Nicosia

If you have ever been to Cyprus, you must have visited Nicosia, the only capital in the world that remains divided into two parts. But even being split, Cyprus’ capital manages to unite those who are keen on crypto as the University of Nicosia offers the first Master of Science degree in digital currency. The course offered within the program is entitled “Introduction to Digital Currencies” and is available for free and, what makes it even more attractive, is taught by Antonis Polemitis and Andreas Antonopoulos who have the reputation of acknowledged blockchain experts.

United Kingdom

LSE also hasn’t been neglecting the world of crypto, and has launched an online “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption” course, which offers its attendees a theoretical framework of how to invest into crypto assets, both academic theory and expert insights, and an understanding of how crypto will influence and transform financial markets and business practices in the future. This intense, yet reasonably priced course will give both the desired knowledge and a certificate of competence from LSE, which is sure to be handy in the world of employment and good for one's own development.

As well as the offered online course, LSE has two projects aimed at developing blockchain technologies. One which aims to provide an intelligent system of contract execution for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) networks, the other aims to create a decentralized solution for integrating ethereum, IPFS, and the µRaiden network.


Universidad de Alcalá

A university with 8 centuries of history is offering a chance to acquire a Master’s degree in “Ethereum, Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Economics.” This course will provide you with the detailed information concerning “blockchain technology, DAOs, and smart contracts, including cryptocurrencies as a special and transversal case.” By the end of the course, you will have gained a triple perspective on blockchain technology, starting with a technological one, through to the economic-financial perspective, and finally the regulatory side of the blockchain.

Universidad Europea Madrid

The European University of Madrid will be glad to occupy you for half a year. Their 6-month course with a diploma at the end will teach you to critically analyze the technical and legal viability of solutions based on blockchain technologies and to develop integral projects related to cryptocurrencies.


Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Russia’s Financial University is planning to provide courses on:“Blockchain platforms”, "Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography and Cryptocurrency", "Cybersecurity in the field of finance", "Money in the digital economy”, "Business models in digital markets", “Innovations in the payment systems.”

Also, students will be offered lectures on legal disciplines that are specifically tailored towards the blockchain and cryptocurrency issues. The university notes, that the subjects will not be easy, as students will have to acknowledge both international and domestic norms which are constantly changing, depending on the latest precedents.

Voronezh State University (VSU)

VSU is starting a Bachelor program of digital economy and blockchain technology. The course "Models and Methods for Analyzing the Digital Economy" will be available for students of the Department of Information Technologies and Mathematical Methods in Economics at the Faculty of Economics of the VSU. The program is created to train specialists in the fields of modern information technology analysis, digital economy technologies, and blockchain technologies.

Novosibirsk State University (NSU)

The first English Master's program in Russia in cryptography if offered at NSU. It was created on the basis of the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Since September, students have been able to start learning in-depth the theoretical and practical aspects of modern cryptography. The program trains specialists for research institutes and companies that specialize in data protection and information security. Students will be trained by foreign specialists in cryptography from different countries. One of the courses will be led by Bart Prenel, a professor from Belgium, director of the International Association of Cryptographic Research, whose laboratory was a developer of the current American encryption standard. Also, experts from Denmark, Germany, India and the U.S. will be involved in the teaching process.

Blockchain Training Alliance

You might have heard about the Blockchain Training Alliance which probably offers the most comprehensive program of blockchain training worldwide and provides the option of studying at the customer’s location. 'Our goal is simple, says BTA, — provide the most relevant content and instruction to our students for blockchain technology and support this through new courses as the technology reshapes the corporate world.' Mobility is their true strength as BTA’s tutors deliver lectures and training from all around the world. It might serve as a good option for corporate training if you want your employees to learn more about crypto. The BTA program promises to be modern, flexible as well as multidisciplinary.

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