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29 June

Every day we find out something about people who have achieved great success in the crypto and blockchain world, whether they are investors, developers or traders. After some research we’ve arrived at a conclusion that cryptosphere is almost exclusively a men’s world. decided to introduce top-10 ladies in crypto who are definitely worth reading about.

Amber Baldet from Clovyr

From 2012 Amber Baldet was an executive director of world famous J.P. Morgan, which she left in 2018 to develop her own startup - Quorum, a private enterprise-ready distributed ledger and smart contract platform. During her career in J.P. Morgan she was nicknamed as "Madonna of the Blockchain" for her nonconformist attitude and openness to cooperation with the blockchain sphere.

Before J.P. Morgan she was a senior consultant at Capco, managing partner in Blackwire, a business analyst at Old Lane, and an application developer at Avalon Research Group.

Besides that, Amber is famous with her colorful hair and tatoos.

Follow Amber in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Rachel Mayer from Circle

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Since 2017 Rachel has been a senior product manager for Circle, a peer-to-peer payment company, that received more than $140million of venture capital during its ICO from 2013 to 2016, including $50million from Goldman Sachs. Since then, Goldman Sachs has patronized Circle.

Earlier in 2008 Rachel worked as a sales analyst for Lehman Brothers and as a trader in emerging markets in J.P. Morgan.

Besides that, she has bachelor’s degree in mathematics and Master of Engineering degree in computer science. Rachel graduated Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University.

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Kathleen Breitman from Tezos

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Kathleen Breitman is co-founder and CEO of Tezos startup, which has collected $232 million through an ICO in 2017, but since then the company was involved in a controversy and has not issued any tokens yet to its depositors.

She is a graduate of Cornell University, where she met her future husband, Arthur Breitman, with whom she launched the Tezos project.

Follow Kathleen in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sarah Tavel from Benchmark Capital

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Sarah Tavel is a general partner of Benchmark Capital – a venture company, that helped startups to get on the way. That was Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Uber and others. Sarah became the first woman to become a general partner at Benchmark.

She is a famous investor in cryptocurrencies and startups.

Previously she worked for Greylock Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners.

Follow Sarah in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Laura Shin from Forbes

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Laura Shin is a Senior Editor at Forbes. She knows all the tricks of crypto, ICOs and blockchain technology in general and has almost 100 000 personal followers in Twitter. She leads a famous podcast, where she posts interviews with most important people of blockchain and crypto world. Her ‘Unchained’ podcast tracks various themes besides crypto like finance, healthcare.

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Kathryn Haun from Andreessen Horowitz

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Kathryn Haun is a general partner and one of the two lead investors of a new $300 million fund, which was launched in June 2018 by Andreessen Horowitz, a private American venture capital firm. She will be responsible for investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

She is known for investigating major cryptocurrency scandals.

Previously she worked for the US government but left after being appointed as a board member of Coinbase.

Besides that, Kathryn has taught at Stanford since 2016 and lectured cybercrime course at a law school.

Follow Kathryn in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lily Katz from Bloomberg

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Lily Katz is a well-known reporter for Bloomberg. She reports all things crypto: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech and real estate. Lily has a bachelor’s degree in journalism of the University of Washington. Before Bloomberg, she worked as a reporter in The Daily of the Washington newspaper and as an editor in GeekWire.

Besides that, Lily is a nice smiley person, who loves to play guitar and travel the world.

Follow Lily in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Catherine Coley from Ripple

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Catherine Coley is a Head of Institutional Liquidity in worlds famous blockchain based banking solution - Ripple. She worked for years in Morgan Stanley as a foreign exchange analyst and for a while at a Silicon Valley Bank.

Catherine graduated from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

In Golden Token Awards 2018 she was nominated in the “Blockchain Influencer of the Year” category.

Follow Catherine in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Nathalie McGrath from Coinbase

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Since 2014 Nathalie McGrath has been a vice president at Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

Nathalie worked for Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation and Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is a key person in Coinbase office.

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Galia Benartzi from Bancor

Crypto Girls You Should Follow

Galia Benartzi is a co-founder of the Bancor protocol, a blockchain smart-contract standard for the creation of intrinsically tradable cryptographic tokens. The Bancor protocol foundation was established in 2017 and during its ICO managed to raise $153 million.

She was one of the founders of Code Particle Code le Code and co-founded Mytopia, a social game business.

Galia is also known as a crypto enthusiast and founder of blockchain startups.

Follow Galia in Twitter and LinkedIn.

By Yana Sher

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