Benjamin Katz Painting Sold for 150 BTC
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Cryptocurrency is spreading as a tool in the world of Art. A Painting by Benjamin Katz, a New York-based artist, has been sold for 150 bitcoins (worth $1.25million at the time of the sale), Live Bitcoin News reported. The “Chasing Hearts / Northern Lights" was sold by an online gallery and the deal was concluded over a digital messaging application.

Benjamin Katz Painting Sold for 150 BTC
“Chasing Hearts / Northern Lights"

Katz commented on the deal: “The colors clearly represent the auroras over Iceland, and I added the hearts as symbolism for people looking for love; moving in all directions caught up in this powerful magnetic field. I chose the northern lights because of my connections to Iceland, and love for the beauty of that country.”

Earlier, it was announced that Andy Warhol’s painting, “14 Small Electric Chairs” will also go to auction via the Maecenas blockchain platform. Bidding will be held on June 20 at the British art gallery Dadiani Syndicate. The final price of Warhol's paintings will be determined by a smart contract run on Ethereum.

By Nadya Astam

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