The FBC Fund Invests in Vectracoin
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While the rumors about the possible acquisition of 2,000 tokens appeared last week, both sides have confirmed the transaction actually took place last night.

The FBC (Finance and Business Capital LTD) Fund is best known for its unique patented FBC13 algorithm, which allows you to predict the short-term behavior of the stock market and cryptocurrency quotes. The Fund is also known for early stage investments in DeFi sector projects. FBC has brought its investors more than 1,000% over the past year.

The Vectracoin is the latest design in the world of cryptocurrencies. The creators of the project promise to combine Bitcoin recognition, Ethereum smart contracts, a one-time ring signature and Monero anonymity. They also promise the lowest transaction fees and speeds of up to 1,000 operations per second thanks to the innovative VectraNetwork. At the moment, the Vectra team is conducting a pre-ICO and anyone can buy Vectra tokens at a price of $100 apiece.

The FBC Fund has purchased 2,000 tokens from Vectra, which is 20% of the total volume of tokens sold at the pre-ICO stage.

Vectra is planning to sell the remaining tokens by January 30, 2021. The FBC Fund regularly invests in various ICOs, tokens sales and many other projects related to cryptocurrencies.

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