Top Regulated Brokers for Your Trading Investment
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When first starting your trading career, there are many things for you to learn. From terminology and news updates to trading platforms and charts, it can get overwhelming quite quickly. On top of that, if you’re using a broker, you want to ensure you use a regulated company.

Even if an unregulated broker seems more enticing than a regulated one, it’s in your best interest to always go with a regulated broker. Staying away from unregulated ones can prevent you from getting caught up in legal problems and losing all of your money (Hugosway is an example of an unregulated broker).

Spend less time finding the right broker by using our list of the top regulated brokers for your trading investment.


Alpari is one of the largest forex brokers. It is an excellent example of starting with nothing, working its way through difficulties and regulations to become a top global trading company.

Going with a company like Apari, you’re using a trusted (both by clients and by time) that provides valuable resources to its customers. It’s an excellent broker for both beginners and advanced investors.


BDSwiss is another global trading company that services over a million clients in over 125 countries. It also provides an exclusive member club if you’re looking for even more services. You’ll receive quality customer service, have wealth management opportunities and powerful trading technology.

Learn more about this regulated broker by reading this review of BDSwiss.

FP Markets

FP Markets is another long-standing regulated broker that is known for its investments in innovation. It is a global trading company with years of experience to provide its clients. To prove FP Markets is a safe and reliable broker, it acquired all the necessary legislations to earn its reputation.


For beginner traders looking for a platform that offers resources for improvement, the broker Orbex may be for you. Orbex is a regulated broker that is known for its vast educational resources for free. On top of that, it also has a free demo account to test out your new knowledge and skills.


Axiory is a popular regulated broker that offers a wide range of investment instruments. It quickly jumped to the global stage with its headquarters in Belize. Whether you’re a beginner or professional trader, Axiory provides all the necessary tools and information to be a successful trader.

GO Markets

GO Markets is a regulated broker whose primary drive is to provide competitive spreads for its customers through technological developments and local laws. Its many years of operation has put this company at the forefront of brokers, offering top customer support and research tools.


Last on our list is XM. Still considered a relatively newer broker company, XM operated with clients from almost 200 countries worldwide, with support staff offered in 30 languages. XM became an excellent option for beginner traders by needing only five dollars to begin. However, it still provides competitive trading conditions, making this platform ideal for advanced investors as well.

Pick the best regulated broker for you by utilizing the list above. When you find a regulated broker, you’ll be able to use all its services and resources to become a successful trader.

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