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Coinbreze is the trading platform all cryptocurrency traders had been waiting for. Now the wish has been granted, and this New Year will bring the trading platform with the highest earnings.

Coinbreze is offering the best trading benefits to allow its users enjoy a great trading experience. Coinbreze, one of the latest cryptocurrency exchanges to arrive to the market, can give you several incentives for just trading on the exchange. Coinbreze was launched on December 26, and it’s ready to change your life. Coinbreze is a platform where no trading fees are charged and numerous rewards will blow your mind.

Do something fun and trade with Coinbreze on this holidays season! One of the finest and newest multi-program trading sites synonymous with trader advantages is Coinbreze. Let’s concentrate on what this site has to offer traders.

  • Deposit bonus of 2.5% per month
  • Negative Trading Fee ( Zero Trade fee + Reward on your trade)
  • Daily reward of $50 for top traders
  • Top 15 traders will win $500 worth in cbzt tokens weekly
  • 0.1% reward on your trades
  • Top referrals to get $1,000 worth USDT and CBZT tokens

From the recent announcement of the Coinbreze site, it has been confirmed that this trading service will provide $100,000 worth of incentives and benefits. The customer will benefit from the main trading site rule - the ZERO trading cost.

Deposit bonus

One of the ways the exchange will encourage traders to use its platform is by providing bonuses on their deposits. A 2.5 percent of the deposit bonus is given to traders on the Coinbreze site. If you’re really excited to take advantage of the deposit bonus, it’s the best time to take the chance. If the time of duration of the bid is over, you won’t get any credit for the deposit.

The platform offers 2.5 percent of the bonus if you invest a $1,000 fund on the Coinbreze trading platform and keep it for at least a month. Trade-in a Coinbreze will earn you a discount as well. The calculated interest amount on deposits is 25 dollars per month. For now, Coinbreze will accept only six cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC and TRX.

Negative trading fee

This site will never charge trading fees. This chance helps traders save money while trading on Coinbreze. Each trader will receive an additional bonus of 0.1 percent of USD 800 per day, which means that every trader will receive USD 0.8 for trading every day. The platform will give you 24 dollars a month for your trades.

So, if you think there are hidden charges, then you don’t need to worry about that. This interface transparently shows every inch of the incentive system so you don’t get confused.

Daily reward of $50 for top traders

On Coinbreze, it is very easy to win a daily reward of $50. It doesn't matter if you have a low amount in your account, you just need to execute many trades in a day. You can execute as many trades as you wish thanks the negative trading fee to win it. This is an exclusive New Year offer.

CBZT token bonus

Every investor trading on Coinbreze will have the chance to win 500 dollars in the platform's native token. However, this will only be available to the top 15 traders, who will be determined on a weekly basis.

If you are trading at the highest level, you will be awarded a CBZT token for your excellent trading success and the amount you sell. The distribution of the tokens is as follows:

  • 1st — 200 USDT
  • 2nd — 100 USDT
  • 3rd — 50 USDT
  • 4th-10th — 15 USDT
  • 11th-15th — 9 USDT

So, you need to be in the first position if you want to get $200 in CBZT tokens. This rewarding strategy is awesome for both the exchange and traders. The higher you trade, the more rewards you will get.

Reward on your trades

As mentioned above, you will earn 0.1 percent of $800 per day by trading on Coinbreze's platform. The highest reward you can get on your account thanks to this incentive scheme is 24 dollars a month. The incentive amount is allocated at 12–12 UTC after 24 hours of trading.

Referral bonus

Another reward scheme available to Coinbreze traders is the reference and earning program, which has been designed to benefit everybody.

Every referral executing a minimum of 10 trades on Coinbreze platform will be considered as a valid referral and 2 USDT will be rewarded to the referee's account. This is because a given account may be a false account and could create any kind of validation issue on the platform. Following this procedure, we will make sure there are no fake accounts.

You will find below the details of the referral bonus if your referral stands out to be valid. You will not see any hidden fees, there are only rewards for traders.

Highest reward amount

Top 50 affiliates can get a $1,000 reward. This is a kind of lottery system used to select the best traders on Coinbreze. The amount of the reward will be distributed as follows:

Coinbreze is one of the most competitive sites available to traders. Do not miss this offer and enjoy this New Year's gift by opening your account on the Coinbreze crypto trading platform.

The platform allows traders to exchange the most popular coins and get discounts and prizes based on their trading activity. Every incentive has been designed to benefit both the exchange and its user, and if you meet the terms and conditions, you will receive really high rewards at the same time you enjoy the best trading experience. Join Coinbreze and experience the best of the best!

Most exchanges offer this ZERO trading fee option, however, they may have some secret fee structure for their traders.

Coinbreze, however, doesn’t hide anything from its users. Therefore, the details of the terms and conditions of the trading platform and the reward scheme have been clearly presented in this article.

The $100,000 incentive is 100% real, the program has been designed to give users the highest benefits. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Coinbreze.

Offers and rewards volumes are already available on the site.

Please note that the rewards will only be made available after the program has been launched.

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