EXANTE-powered Nordic Trading Competition Becomes Available to Everyone
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The Nordic Trading Competition, powered by EXANTE and Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS), will this year take part completely online through the EXANTE trading platform, making it available to everyone.

The league is open for registrations again, but this time it is open to everyone. Not only students, but their parents, friends, teachers, and many more. The contest has been so successful in helping students learn to trade that EXANTE has decided to open it to everyone!

The contestants will use the EXANTE trading platform: its web, mobile or desktop version.

The competition gives participants the chance to test and improve their trading skills whilst competing for prizes. With over more than 70,000 instruments available on the platform, participants can gain knowledge of various stocks and hone their strategy.

Thousands of students have taken part in previous contests, and EXANTE hopes that this year’s will be bigger than ever!

EXANTE-powered Nordic Trading Competition Becomes Available to Everyone
Thomas Evjen, last year’s winner, says that the experience changed his life and it’s something he will never forget.

This year’s registration process closes on November 17 at 23.59. Trading commences on November 19.

It is an exciting opportunity for people of all ages to develop trading skills, and who knows, maybe even find a love for trading that they never knew they had.

Participants can register at www.events.exante.eu/GCMS.

For more information about the competition, please see the official Terms and Conditions.

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