4 Altcoins to Hodl Until 2020
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Dec. 7, 2018

When cryptocurrency market is in a crisis, it makes you be really picky about the assets you invest in, choosing ready-to-present finished products that solve actual problems. Here are the altcoins worth buying and holding on to for at least a year.

1. Electrify.Asia

In addition to the obvious distribution and generation monopolies that exist in the modern centralized electricity markets, numerous fundamental problems affect the competitive ecosystem. These include:

  • A lack of transparency;
  • An opaque environment that makes it difficult to clearly determine the level of retail prices, energy sources, and environmental impact;
  • Significant barriers to clean energy.

The existing centralized network infrastructure does not support reliable and efficient peer-to-peer trading platforms, leading to fierce competition between owners of renewable energy sources.

Without a decentralized payment platform and credit base, electricity sellers are not able to filter out customers with a bad credit history. Since its inception, Electrify.Asia has already sold more than 30 GWh of electricity to commercial consumers — a good start for a startup aimed at the market, where the demand may grow by 58% by 2040, according to estimates of the Asian Development Bank.

Moreover, Electrify Asia will contribute to the liberalization of the Asian electricity market in the coming years. Apart from participating in increasing the efficiency and restructuring the energy sector in China and India (the estimated total volume exceeds $4 trillion), owners of ELEC tokens will be able to receive rewards (as consumers), fees (as suppliers), and deposits for listing (as producers and energy sellers).

2. Pundi X

Pundi X intends to bring blockchain technology into everyday life through five thousand XPOS mobile terminals scattered around the world, including Asia, Europe, and South America. And it doesn’t stop there. Recently, Pundi X announced a partnership with emCredit, the official credit bureau, and the UAE government unit. It provides for the placement of hundreds of XPOS devices in stores across the country. With their help, consumers will be able to pay bills: from utilities to educational services. In many ways, Pundi X relies on the success of the mobile payment app Pundi-Pundi, which has already earned high praise. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, and the number of monthly active users exceeds 20,000 people in more than 500 retail outlets. Pundi X is preparing for large-scale network growth and plans to deploy more than 220,000 XPOS devices worldwide within the next 2–3 years. The Pundi X technology has a large number of potential use cases: the company provided support for the first major street blockchain-integrated music festival (ULTRA Taiwan 2018). A total of 100 Pundi XPOS devices processed a total of several tens of thousands of transactions between 40 different companies and 30,000 festival guests.

3. SophiaTX

Companies face many challenges when it comes to moving, sharing, and storing sensitive information. The need for a unified and reliable platform that allows for working with such data has existed for a while now.

In July, SophiaTX announced the successful launch of the mainnet. It allows you to take advantage of peer-to-peer architecture, decentralization, and scalability in commercial applications.

With the help of the unique transparent and decentralized ecosystem SophiaTX, companies can now rethink and change existing business models, at the same time increasing their efficiency through faster and safer transactions (along with better collaboration opportunities).

However, to change their operational processes, companies must first integrate ERP and other production applications and admit the existence of problems in the following areas:

  • Data protection, confidentiality, and sustainability;
  • Regulations and rules;
  • Processing speed;
  • Storing and archiving of data;
  • Connectivity and compatibility with corporate applications, etc.

Just think about it: approximately 75% of the transaction revenue in the world comes from SAP systems. Until recently, this area remained relatively unaffected by the blockchain. SophiaTX initially concentrates on SAP, the world's largest provider of enterprise resource planning and automated management systems. Currently, this German company serves more than 365 thousand customers in 190 countries of the world. SAP customers include 87% of Forbes Global 2,000 companies, 98% of the top 100 most valuable brands, 78% of food manufacturers, and 82% of medical device manufacturers.

4. Morpheus Network

At the World Economic Forum 2013, the World Bank called the over-complicated supply chain management system a major impediment to economic growth. It is estimated that reducing barriers in the supply chain management process will increase global GDP by almost 5% (or $3 trillion).

Existing supply chain management methods are not only costly for the companies but also require incredible efforts. For example, an international wholesale delivery of flowers is associated with completing more than 200 paper documents for dozens of different interested/controlling parties, and successful delivery is possible only through the smooth coordination of the paperwork.

Morpheus Network eliminates the incredibly complex process of collecting and preparing physical documentation, saving all the necessary information in the blockchain. This allows you to update it in real time, simultaneously protecting it from unauthorized access by the third parties. It also has listings on some major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bancor, LiveCoin, Latoken, and HitBTC.

Recently, the Morpheus Network joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (along with UPS, FedEx, Penske, and Salesforce). Charlie Shrem (one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation) was also hired as an adviser. All this allows us to call the Morpheus Network one of the key players in the crypto world.

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