Crypto Black Friday – Where to Find Discounts?
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Black Friday is a day of huge discounts and great deals. This event was created not only for shopaholics but also for those who want to save. The discount day has not bypassed the crypto community. For all the enthusiasts out there, various companies and platforms have prepared their own special holiday offers. To make sure you don’t get lost in the huge heap of discounts, we have prepared for you a selection of chosen stocks.

Bitcoin Black Friday

Consider paying your attention to the most popular crypto platform, where massive sales of goods take place. Bitcoin Black Friday, traditionally happens on the fourth Friday of November, just like the world’s day of sales, but with one difference – all transactions are carried out exclusively in the first cryptocurrency. The action started in 2012. Since then, this event has been held every year and is a significant day for the crypto community. The initial goal of the project was to demonstrate to the world the existence of an honest market for digital assets, in which bitcoin is used as means of payment when purchasing any type of goods.

Genesis mining

On the eve of Black Friday, Genesis Mining announced the Biggest Crypto Sale of the Year. The company promises a 25% discount. Genesis Mining is a cloud mining service that offers users to rent cryptocurrency mining equipment. Customers can order unlimited computing power on servers located in Iceland and Reykjavik. Users who choose this method of mining do not need to buy equipment or create their own farm, there’s no need to pay electricity bills, set up and track equipment operation either. And the profitability of this approach to mining is often higher than the production of cryptocurrency on your own equipment.

Best Cloud Mining Platforms


This service on Black Friday gives you a 60% discount on its Pro, Pro+ and Premium versions. TradingView is essentially a social network for traders and investors. The platform’s selection includes various types of graph display and an extensive set of tools for technical and graphical analysis. However, most of the presented tools and menu items have a lot of settings. This platform has long become an entire community of traders due to an ability to publish ideas. This allows you to see trading strategies of other people and specific recommendations from venerable traders, as well as share your own experience.


Black Friday is joined by Ledger Nano S, which offers customers a 21% discount, whenever possible. Nano S is a continuation of the line of hardware wallets manufactured by the French company Ledger. The device works according to the scheme that is standard for all hardware wallets. It must be connected via USB to a computer, working simultaneously in the wallet and in a special software shell. Even if an attacker suddenly gains access to your PC or another device, he will not be able to ‘hack’ the Ledger Nano S internal defense mechanism, because the operations in the wallet are performed manually by its owner.

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