Ten Cryptocurrencies Under $0.1 With Great Potential
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Oct. 10, 2018

From the well-known Cardano in the top-10 to the FundRequest that occupies the 1,025 place in the capitalization rating, we tell you what to look for.

The year 2018 is gradually coming to an end. We can safely say that this year the market was dominated by bears. There are still three months left until 2019. However, it is already obvious that many investors have lost huge sums of money.

On the other hand, due to the fact that cryptocurrencies have fallen in price considerably, even for a small amount you can now buy an impressive amount of coins. It is psychologically much more comfortable to keep 10,000 tokens in your wallet than one tenth of a large coin, for example, bitcoin. So keep a list of high potential cryptocurrencies, the value of which does not exceed one tenth of a dollar (note: the data are as of October 10). If possible, you can have thousands of their tokens, capable of replacing bitcoin.

Vechain (VET)

  • Capitalization: $734 million (19th place in the Coinmarketcap rating)
  • Token: VET
  • Circulating Supply: 55 454 734 800
  • Total Supply: 86 712 634 466
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.02

On June 30, Vechain Thor successfully launched the main network (mainnet), launching its own ambitious blockchain-as-service (BaaS) ecosystem designed for commercial applications. The platform also released and updated a multifunctional mobile wallet. It can hold tokens, Vechain Thor rewards, monitor node statuses. It also allows you to autonomously store secret keys, ensuring reliable software protection.

The Vechain project boasts an extensive list of partners, which includes PWC, Renault, DNV GL, BMW Concern and China Unicom.


  • Capitalization: $112.4 million (60th place)
  • Token: IOST
  • Circulating Supply: 8 400 000 000
  • Total Supply: 21 000 000 000
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.12

The IOST project is trying to solve one of the main problems of the industry: lack of scalability. The developers have set themselves an ambitious goal of surpassing the bandwidth of e-commerce giants such as eBay and Alibaba, while maintaining a high level of decentralization. To do this, they have integrated many innovative technologies into their project, including efficient distributed sharding, erasure, Atomix protocol, Micro State Blocks (MSB) and, finally, the unique Proof-of-Believability algorithm of consensus.

Although, in recent months, the cryptocurrency did not give investors any special reason for joy, the current parameters - the number of active wallets (over 43 thousand), the number of developers (72) and transaction volumes (4.45 million) - make the project a promising bet on Altcoin recovery.

Bitshares (BTS)

  • Capitalization: $293 million (33st place)
  • Token: BTS
  • Circulating Supply: 2 664 010 000
  • Total Supply: 3 600 570 502
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.88

The Bitshares project has existed since 2014. This is the first offspring of one of the industry veterans Dan Larimer, who later founded Steem and EOS. The aim of the project is to provide assistance to the population deprived of access to banking services, as well as providing financial services to everyone using the blockchain.

In essence, Bitshares is a decentralized exchange. It has been designed in such a way as to avoid problems with scaling and minimize costs. Bitshares Asset Exchange offers a large number of stablecoins, tied to the dollar, yuan, euro, gold and silver. More than 33,000 people use the platform’s services every month. According to this indicator, the platform is ahead of many other blockchains. In addition to stable coins, Bitshares offers a range of different tokens and decentralized projects.

Siacoin (SIA)

  • Capitalization: $225.5 million (38th place)
  • Token: SIA
  • Circulating Supply: 37 311 963 999
  • Total Supply: -
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.097

Siacoin is developing a decentralized cloud storage platform. The data is divided into parts, encrypted and distributed across network nodes. The platform connects users with an excess of disk space to consumers who need additional storage space. Payment for services is carried out by Siacoin tokens.

The network is arranged on a peer-to-peer basis, which can significantly reduce the cost of cloud storage. The traditional cloud industry is dominated by Amazon and Google. Siacoin differs from them in a decentralized, equitable design. It will significantly reduce the cost of storing information. At present, the network is capable of accumulating up to 4.1 petabytes of data distributed over 606 nodes; 194 terabytes of them are already involved.

FundRequest (FND)

  • Capitalization: $407,000 (1025th place)
  • Token: FND
  • Circulating Supply: 43 306 342
  • Total Supply: 98 611 464
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.26

FundRequest creates a decentralized open source software platform. Currently, this niche is occupied by the Github site, but it does not provide for financial incentives. In order to intensify joint work on open source software (which is likely to become the basis of our future technological infrastructure), FundRequest allows us to encourage developers with FND tokens and attract new people to our projects.

Blockport (BPT)

  • Capitalization: $5.6 million (474th place)
  • Token: BPT
  • Circulating Supply: 52 870 933
  • Total Supply: 69,434,800
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.81

The Dutch Blockport project aims to make cryptocurrency exchange simple and secure, while at the same time introducing a social component to the trading of digital assets. The developers are trying to make the investment process accessible and understandable for beginners, paying great attention to the exchange interface.

Thanks to Blockport's hybrid architecture, users control their own funds, relying on blockchain technology. An intuitive interface allows access to the social components of the platform. These include tracking and copying portfolios and transactions of experienced investors, tools for interacting with the community, etc. BPT tokens are used to pay for services and allow you to trade at a discount.

Loopring (LRC)

  • Capitalization: $93 million (70th place)
  • Token: LRC
  • Circulating Supply: 788 984 491
  • Total Supply: 1 374 956 262
  • Absolute Maximum: $2.20

Loopring is developing a protocol for decentralized exchange of tokens and other blockchain-based assets. A curious feature of the project is the support of various blockchains. It allows users to exchange assets based on different distributed ledgers. For decentralized trading in digital assets, Loopring introduced two unique technologies - order distribution and ring matching.

Distribution of orders allows users to split orders into several parts and automatically execute them at the best price, significantly optimizing trading results. Ring mapping aggregates individual claims into pools. Then these pools are compared with each other, significantly increasing the liquidity of the Loopring protocol.

Civic (CVC)

  • Capitalization: $42.6 million (117th place)
  • Token: CVC
  • Circulating Supply: 342 699 966
  • Total Supply: 1 000 000 000
  • Absolute Maximum: $1.37

Civic was founded by South African entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast Vinnie Lingam. The project is developing a decentralized system for storing personal data on the Ethereum blockchain. The decentralized approach allows you to securely store personal data of users in the blockchain, not trusting them to centralized organizations. Over the past year, the platform has made some progress, and in a recent interview, Lingham stated that the technology is completely ready and Civic is working.

The project team is currently trying to attract users. To do this, Civic acquired the identity.com domain and launched a promotion program worth 333 million CVC tokens (about $33 million). Using them, new members of the network will be able to register for free in a decentralized application (dApp). The promotion is available for both private users and accredited investors and commercial companies in need of customer identification.

Decentraland (MANA)

  • Capitalization: $78.7 million (84th place)
  • Token: MANA
  • Circulating Supply: 1 050 141 509
  • Total Supply: 2 644 403 343
  • Absolute Maximum: $0.25

Decentraland creates a new virtual world based on the blockchain. The user can buy a plot of the virtual space and build on it everything he or she wants. The currency of the virtual kingdom is MANA, and the rights to the plots are stored in the blockchain. Decentraland is open to everyone and encourages participants to create virtual projects with the ability to monetize, such as BP games, beautiful graphic objects and virtual markets. Ready SDK allows developers to immediately begin to implement their ideas on the platform.

Cardano (ADA)

  • Capitalization: $2.19 billion (9th place)
  • Token: ADA
  • Circulating Supply: 25 927 070 538
  • Total Supply: 31 112 483 745
  • Absolute Maximum: $1.26

Cardano is the last but no less important member of our list. At the peak of the market, the total capitalization of this project exceeded $30 billion, followed by a sharp drop. The main advantage of Cardano is an academic approach based on research. The design of the project is based on peer-reviewed research on blockchain technologies and a distributed ledger.

The Cardano team includes many famous experts and researchers. It seeks to develop a blockchain protocol taking into account all existing problems and solve them using a scientific approach. A key feature of the platform is the ability to formally verify - in other words, the state and security of all decentralized applications and smart contracts in the network can be checked mathematically.

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