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Social networks tend to claim to be platforms for people to communicate and share content, with emphasis on being free and open to anyone. With a rare exception, they fail to mention that this very content, which users create and share, costs billions of dollars, not to mention their personal data. Moreover, and contrary to all reason, the users willing to monetize their social media accounts often have no other choice but to invest lots of time and money to promote themselves and attract subscribers, with no guaranteed result.

It's no surprise that many blockchain startups today have declared “restoring justice,” as their goal in one way or another. Some of them are promising to share advertising revenue with users, while others offer customers to pay each other for interesting content themselves. There are even several projects willing to pay people for the very fact they use certain platforms. Most such projects exist on paper only, but there are some functional social networks on blockchain as well, such as Steemit or its primarily Russian-language fork

Though In reality, it turns out that existing solutions are just about as crooked as traditional social networks, but in a different manner: the rewards on these platforms are tied to users’ reputation, paving the way for manipulation and centralization of power and resources in the hands of a privileged few.

The company described here stands out from the crowd precisely because of its reward strategy. According to the project’s description, users will get their share of advertising revenues directly and effortlessly, thanks to a fully automated contracting system. Meet and their ME Token.


According to the project’s white paper, each user will have the power to decide whether he wants his account to be used to broadcast advertising. Upon registration, you would be able to start using as a social network and an online marketplace, as well as make payments and transfer money via a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. All these options are available by default. If at some point you decide to monetize your audience, you would only need to switch to an advertising account in profile settings. After that, subscribers will see ads being broadcast from the account, and will pay 50% of the amount paid by advertisers for each impression.

At the same time, users wouldn’t have to interact directly with advertisers, as the network itself will set up deals on their behalf—all necessary processes, as claimed by the developers, have already been fully automated. As an intermediary, will also be responsible for identifying both users and advertisers, acting as guarantor for both parties in every transaction.

In addition, the "white paper" describes measures to prevent fraud, identity theft, copyright infringement and other typical violations. A significant part of the proposed measures can be reduced to semi-automatic content reviewing, and while this may scare away some users, it’s worth noticing that exactly the same approach is currently being used by many large social media, including Facebook.

Although the company carrying out the upcoming ICO was registered only last year, the development has reportedly started as early as 2015. Since then, team managed to launch a fully operational cryptocurrency wallet, which is available in both mobile and desktop versions. Moreover, the ME token is already being used within the network to transfer money with zero fees. That is to say, the project is being developed in accordance with the roadmap, and in many respects even ahead of it.

The project’s white paper is written in clear a language without any noticeable contradictory statements, and provides all necessary details regarding both ME token and network. The source code for the ICO smart contract is published on GitHub,

Overall score: Great


ME is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency and a rare example of pure utility token. The team is pragmatic in assessing the applicability of its native currency: according to the white paper, advertisers will pay for placement in bitcoin and other large-cap digital currencies, as well as in fiat money, while users will receive their share in ME tokens only. The token will also be used to pay for native services such as music streaming, or when buying something on the built-in online marketplace.

It was gratifying to notice that neither in the white paper nor in any ads the team pays any special attention to the possible price appreciation of ME tokens, which reduces the speculation-related risks, as well as the risk for the token to be qualified as a security.

Also noteworthy that expects to bring ME token to major exchanges even before launching the ICO, which is plausible given the already existing audience and the token’s non-zero liquidity: according to the project’s documentation, mobile wallet users have already carried out some 16.5 million transactions using ME Token. At the time of publication, has managed to raise more than $30 million in presales, already surpassing the declared soft cap of $25 million.

The token’s total emission is limited to 10,000,000,000 ME, and the current price is set at $0.014. It’s important to understand that after getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges the price will be determined by the market and is likely to change by the time the ICO starts. Needless to say, token’s adoption rate will ultimately depend on the number of users on the network.

Overall score: Great

Community support

The team is active on most popular social media as well as on other crypto-related resources such as, and maintains a Telegram community. Still, the number of subscribers on almost all these platforms is insignificant, especially in comparison with the number of its app’s downloads. The one exception is the project’s page on predominantly Russian social website VKontakte, which has around 14,000 subscribers. It is to be hoped that the reason for this is solely that the team’s main focus was on developing the platform and services. In fact, this is highly probable, taking into account the high activity level of customer support on all available platforms. The situation might as well change after the launch of a global advertising campaign, which, as the team hopes, will attract millions. The campaign is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2018, as well as the ICO itself.

That being said, the project enjoys pretty high levels of support among its existing audience, except for a certain grumble on the part of Russian-speaking bounty hunters dissatisfied with bounties being paid. (As we already mentioned above, this seems to be more of a good sign for a long-term investor). The project also has fairly high scores on the ICO rating platforms.

Overall score: Average

Company and team team includes more than 70 employees and this is pretty much all information the is on the team’s structure available online. Still, the very fact that the project is live, boasting a functional platform suggests it may be granted some credit of trust regarding the team’s technical competence.

The project’s Advisory Board has many experienced entrepreneurs and investors with experience in the blockchain industry, including such well-known names as Ivo Ilic Gabara, Dimitri Barinstein, Richard Burt, And Darius Leščinskas.

The issuer of ME tokens and the company behind network are different legal entities, which may at first seem a bit suspicious, but the connection between the two companies is confirmed by their shared intellectual property of the brand, as well as by publicly available information on both companies’ organizational and legal structure.

Overall score: Good


A great project with a good chance of success.’s main advantages are the team’s pragmatic approach to the objectives being set, but first and foremost, the fact that it already has an operational mobile application, not to mention a token with a non-zero liquidity.

The team, of course, should pay more attention to the project’s visibility. On the other hand, relatively low interest means that right now might be a good time to buy tokens before the price starts to climb up, which is likely in the case of a loud advertising campaign after the token gets listed on top crypto exchanges.

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