Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist
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July 19, 2018

Here’s our pick of top cryptocurrencies that you may not have heard of, both created for a cause or by social groups or just for fun.

We all know about the bitcoin, ethereum and other big tokens that constantly make the news headlines or make up a part of our investment portfolios. However, there are some coins that we know a lot less about even though some of them were set up for a right cause while some are just downright silly.

So let's start with some of the more serious ones:

Are you a Vegan? Then VeganCoin token is right for you, as it focused on Vegan-friendly industries and communities. It is identifying itself as a “Cruelty-Free Cryptocurrency”. VeganCoin owners can use it in a meal-sharing platform called VeganPoint and in an online shopping system VeganNation. Pre-Sale of the token started back in February in 2018.

Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist

Ant it's also only right that another big social movement gets its own currency, the LGBT token. An idea of an “LGBT Token” which would have the potential to “unlock the global spending power of the lucrative sector” is currently being developed by the LGBT Foundation alongside OST technology.

Onto the far less sensible coins now, and let’s begin with the underdog of cryptocurrencies, the Dogecoin.

It was December 6, 2013. A product manager of Adobe Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus an IBM software engineer have decided that they want a different cryptocurrency, with a wider audience than Bitcoin has, to have fun was also in their plans. Dogecoin idea was based on the Doge meme which was a very popular thing on the internet at the time and they never thought that it will become the 36th biggest coin in the world (according to Coinmarketcap).

If you haven’t yet, you should see this video from Dogecoin’s website.

Recently the altcoin was added to the famous trading platform Robinhood, while earlier in June It twice outperformed Bitcoin Cash by transaction volume.

At the moment Dogecoin market capitalization stands at $408,128,200 with a $37,731,300 daily trading volume. Not bad for a meme-themed coin which started off as a joke.

Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist

Meanwhile, in Russia an entrepreneur Vyacheslav Semenchuk launched a cryptocurrency focused on the Jewish community. A Kosher Crypto if you like, BitCoen. Anyone can invest and trade with BitCoen but 10% of BitCoen’s profits are available as interest-free loans for members of the Jewish community. Few exchanges list BitCoen and its fair to say that the Jewish community knows of much better ways to invest their funds in.

Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist

There is a coin rolled and baked in Reddit: In December 2017, user DigitalizedOrange shared his vision for an alternate cryptocurrency in the subreddit Garlic and the community just decided to make it happen and thus Garlicoin was born. At the moment the market cap of this cryptocurrency is $146,202 with $1,272 in daily trading volume. It is a good example of how a digital currency belonging to people who share the same ideas can exist. The community is active on Reddit and if you like garlic bread, you should check it out.

Now we enter the realm of politics. Therein closed off the session of the parliaments, we can find the two: Putincoin and Trumpcoin.

Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist

First off, Putincoin has twice as large a market cap than Trumpcoin, but then Vladimir has been around in politics for quite some time now. It was created as a tribute to Russia’s President and its people. The idea originally was to initiate a national cryptocurrency. Trumpcoin on the other hand, as you can imagine was set up to help “to make America great again”. Trumpcoin is a marketing movement and so far an unsuccessful attempt to lure in Trump voters and America’s patriots to invest.

Coinmarketcap shows a market capitalization for Putincoin $1,181,473 and for Trumpcoin $407,279 with $2,395 and $210 daily trading volumes respectively.

After these cryptocurrencies with nation leaders names on them, we skip to the cryptocoins with not-so-safe-for-work names.

Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist

Sexcoin came in as an alternative payment system for the adult industry and gents that are hoping to pay for some adult entertainment and services with this coin. At the moment it is a drifting project with a market cap of $2,073,032 (still higher than both presidents put together) and a daily trading volume of $2,140.

F*ck token, and yes there is one, not a joke! It came out of nowhere and it’s not easy to find where to trade it. Their whitepaper is quite colorful and this part gives the origin story of the token “In today’s society, we have an epidemic where millions of people have no f*cks to give. With our ERC-20 F*CK token we have solved the “lack of F*CKs” problem. Tip your friends 0.001 F*CKs, or 1 F*CK, it doesn’t matter how many F*CKs you give. All that matters is you are contributing something to society.” So let’s just leave it at that.

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