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15 January
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Like any other modern industry, the bookmaking business is actively developing technologies that will help improve its operations. The XWIN platform was built based on the blockchain technology and smart contracts, which makes it possible to bet in cryptocurrency, making the betting process comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, safe.

XWIN: How it works

XWIN smart contract acts as an arbitrator that ensures the implementation of the agreement independently and autonomously. In other words, if the bet was made under the smart contract, the requirements prescribed will be met 100% regardless of the desire of the parties.

When concluding a bet with XWIN, the bettor is getting informed about all agreement conditions, which cannot be changed afterwards since they are fixed in the smart contract.

The payout amount is locked on the smart contract account at the time of placing the bet and cannot be expended prior to the settlement. None of the parties can make changes to the bet that has already been placed, or expend the prize fund.

Why invest in XWIN’s ICO?

1. Profitable and accessible token purchase

Participation in XWIN’s ICO provides investors with an unprecedented opportunity to become a part of the world's first crypto-bookmaker and receive 20% of net income. The XWIN structure allows investors to receive profit with minimal interaction.

2. Early access to the market

Thanks to early start, XWIN will quickly penetrate the market and will be able to offer profitable commission fees and huge competitive advantages.

3. Transparency

XWIN’s ICO is implemented via an Ethereum (ETH/USD) smart contract so that the invested funds are deposited on the smart contract account and managed automatically.

4. Continuity of operations

The XWIN stability is guaranteed by the entire Ethereum blockchain network. The platform provides permanent investment control, 24/7/365 availability anywhere in the world and from any device, as well as an unprecedented level of information security and confidentiality.

The token and its economy

Bookmaker business is known to be highly profitable. The XWIN margin ranges from 6% to 20% of the betting rate. The margin from the bets is credited to the XWIN smart contract account and is managed autonomously. 100% of the received margin is distributed as follows:

  • 25% to the fund of guaranteed payments to the players;
  • 35% to PR, marketing, promotion and advertising;
  • 20% to administration and legal support; and
  • 20% of income is distributed among the investors.

This solution allows to avoid risks of zeroing the general guarantee fund and eliminate the risks related to increase in token exchange activity.


XWIN’s ICO started on January 1, 2018 and will continue through January 30. The current price of 1 XWIN token is 0.005 ETH. On January 15, the company collected more than 465 ETH.

The funds received in the ICO will be distributed as follows:

In the case of increased interest in ICO from investors, additional token emission is planned.


Q3 2017:

  1. The concept of XWIN CryptoBet;
  2. Smart contract XWIN Beta;
  3. White Paper XWIN CryptoBet.

Q4 2017:

  1. DAO smart contract XWIN;
  2. Public placement of the XWIN tokens;
  3. Bookmaker licenses and legal registration;
  4. Creation of the bookmaker's site xwin.io;
  5. Release of beta version for the mobile applications.

Q1 2018:

  1. Smart contract XWIN with the system accepting fiat money;
  2. Public release of mobile applications;
  3. Artificial intelligence XWIN. Development of artificial intelligence on the basis of machine learning to calculate betting rates and probability of events;
  4. White Paper of the betting stock exchange XWIN;
  5. XWIN betting on races.

Q2 2018:

  1. Aggressive PR-campaign and marketing;
  2. Smart contract XWIN lottery;
  3. First distribution of profits among the investors;
  4. Development and introduction of classic gambling games using the blockchain technology;
  5. Release of smart contracts of the XWIN betting stock exchange.

Q3 2018:

  1. VIP ROOM XWIN CryptoBet. Calculation and launch of individual bets for the VIP-clients;
  2. Multi wallet platform XWIN;
  3. White Paper and smart contracts: DAO casino, DAO poker, DAO slot machines;
  4. Release of the betting stock exchange XWIN.

Q4 2018:

  1. DAO casino;
  2. DAO poker;
  3. DAO slot machines;
  4. DAO chess.


Artyom Baikov

XWIN co-owner and CEO, Founder, ideologist and developer of the B2C web applications for consumer services and platforms.

Vladimir Kiryanov

Co-owner, director for strategic partnerships. Specialist in structuring transactions and licensing.

Ilya Greenstein

Co-owner, director of the sports analytical group. Specialist in the development and implementation of B2C XWIN products.

Aleksander Syomin

Partner, two-time world champion. Adviser and consultant of the the sports analytical group

Vladimir Zhitov

A financier, an entrepreneur. Structuring of investment projects, risk assessment, financial planning.

Eugene Salitrinskiy

Director for software design and development. ICO development specialist, Senior Web Developer, teacher of programming, author of the course "How to create your ICO during one month."

Dmitry Kronberg

Consultant on the AI development, mathematical models for risk assessment and encryption.

Vyacheslav Poskonin

Blockchain expert, Solidity developer. Javascript-developer, founder of the channel on the smart contract development.

Vadim Litvak

Leading UI / UX designer, interface designer. Founder and director of the design studio.

Aleksander Driga

Consultant on ICO issues. Specialist in the ICO promotion and specific work with crypto-currencies.

Julian L. Zegelman

Adviser. Experienced corporate attorney, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC.

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