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Dec. 8, 2017
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Due to the ongoing cryptocurrency boom, many traders these days are increasingly recalling one of the oldest trading strategies - arbitrage. Bitcoin and altcoins are traded on different exchanges, and prices there are also different. So, why not use this difference for your own interest?

It would seem that everything is simple: you sell tokens on one exchange, buy it on another, wait for the price convergence and fixed profit. But there are several problems:

  1. Lack of liquidity. Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy an asset on one exchange and sell it on another in a large volume. That's why there are practically no big players on the market.
  2. Problems with the entry / withdrawal of large amounts. In order to battle money laundering, exchanges impose restrictions on entries, and withdrawing a large amount is extremely difficult and time consuming. As a result, big players cannot manage their money efficiently.
  3. Lack of knowledge. Because of the above-mentioned problems in the cryptocurrency market, there are practically no institutional investors - but there are many financially uneducated users who do not know how to implement arbitration.
  4. Infrastructural disadvantages. Most of the crypto-exchange terminals are stuck in the Stone Age: the charts of pairs trading are loading for a few seconds, and the deals hang after pressing the "buy" or "sell" buttons.

Arbitrage Crypto Trading

Arbitrage Crypto Trader is a platform for convenient inter-exchange arbitrage trading. The goal of the project is to make traders’ lives easier.

The terminal works with any size of trade deposit, which solves the problem of liquidity on exchanges. It also accelerates the transaction by buying an asset on one exchange and selling it on another.

Arbitrage Crypto Trader is great for those starting the trading journeys: the terminal monitors markets in a 24/7 mode, looks for suitable formations for entering the transaction and waits for only one thing from the trader - pressing the "enter the deal" button. The platform receives quotes through the stock exchange web sockets in the format of "Time, ticker, price, volume of transactions", so traders do not need to keep track of schedules, let alone wait for their loading. The terminal works with most of the world's largest crypto-exchanges and displays the quotes of pairs trading on one screen.

Token and its economy

ARCT will be used in all clearances between platform users, which will ensure a constant growth of demand for a token. 30% of the revenue generated by the Arbitrage Crypto Trader platform will be lost, 20% will go to the reserve fund, and the remaining 50% will appear on the exchange at a price higher than of a token’s holder - thus the cost of the token will be increased.

The total stock of ARCT tokens is fixed, and all the tokens remaining after the ICO will be destroyed, and the emission will never be carried out. This guarantees buyers an increase in the cost of ARCT as the demand for Arbitrage Crypto Trader services increases. The placement of ARCT token is based on the Ethereum smart contract.


At the moment, Arbitrage Crypto Trader has developed and tested the prototype, and most importantly - conducted a successful pre-sale: the result was 114%.

The company has already launched statistics on the divergence of prices on exchanges, it can be accessed on the site, the launch occurred on the day of the launch of the ICO, which surpassed the announced plan.

Prior to the ICO, participants could purchase an ARCT token with a 45 percent discount at a price of 1 ETH = 125,000 ARCT. For ICO, the price is 1 ETH =75,000 ARCT, at the time of release - 1 ETH = 50,000 ARCT. In addition, there are bonuses for participation:

The company stated that the minimum amount of collected funds should be 500 ETH, the maximum - 10 000 ETH.



Kirill Korzhenkov

Founder of Arbitrage Crypto Trader. Entrepreneur, trader, programmer. Responsible for strategic planning, finance, improvement and adding functionality to the terminal.

Andrey Demyanov

Director of marketing and PR, information security specialist, head of the technical support team and founder of Arbitrage Crypto Trader.

Vladimir Trembach

Programmer, trader and specialist in end-user technologies, is responsible for the development of the service. The project's ICO has already started, and the results can be monitored on the Kickico site. At the time of publication, the team collected more than 42 ETH.

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