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Chart of the Day: How vision for Bitcoin changed since 2009
Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin in 2009. People identified seven key features of bitcoin since it came into view.

At the very beginning bitcoin (Bitcoin) was perceived as a successful proof of the concept of digital money (all previous developments failed). Immediately arose another concept of the cryptocurrency — BTC appeared as a cheap network for payments between individuals. Apart from that, turned out it can be controlled by neither the authorities nor the banks.

A year later, the fourth concept revealed that crypto is perfect for paying for goods and services on darknet due to anonymity and confidentiality (but soon it went back down). After a year, in 2011, a new idea emerged: bitcoin was also a programmable common database (the blockchain can store arbitrary data, not just transactions). In 2012, BTC was as crypto industry’s reserve currency.

Finally, in 2014 the seventh concept became popular according to which bitcoin is a financial asset whose price does not depend on the price of other assets, currencies, commodities (which, of course, made it attractive for the portfolio diversification).

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