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8 May
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CryptoNote — a practical level protocol with a family of anonymous crypto-currencies built on its basis. The first was created Bytecoin (BCN), it appeared in July 2012. This is one of the first coins in history,which suggests the anonymity of transactions.

So popular today altcoin Monero (XMR/USD) - is just a fork of a Bytecoin. It appered two years later, in April 2014. Other known crypto-currencies based on the CryptoNote protocol are DarkNote and Dash (DASH/USD). They are also forks of a Bytecoin.

Today the trend of anonymous cryptocurrencies continues to grow. Confidentiality of transactions, so loved by users, is realized through the implementation of ring signatures (they are hiding the sender) and one-time addresses (hide the recipient).

Today Bytecoin went up by 139% after the news about its addition to the Binance stock exchange was announced.
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