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I became an editor-in-chief of (ex in April 2018. Previously I was an editor of one of Argus Media's weekly publications, and before that I was a reporter of Kommersant newspaper covering oil and gas industry for several years. Throughout this year I had been reading and traveling a lot, which finally brought me to the idea of helping people on their journeys to consciousness and prosperity. I have a BA in journalism (MGIMO Unoversity) and I’ve just began studying for a master degree in psychology.


19 November 19 November
792 792
Artificial Intelligence in Sex, Taking Over Reality
6 November 6 November
103 103
7 Brain Hacks to Maximize Your Intellect
10 October 10 October
1177 1k
Emotional Burnout: How it Happens & What to Do?
22 September 22 September
413 413
Note from the Editor

Note from the Editor

22 September 22 September
9 August 9 August
1386 1k
Will blockchain make oil trading more transparent?
6 August 6 August
255 255
Bitcoin and Banking: The most Crypto-Friendly Banks
2 August 2 August
918 918
The Future of Money - Expert Predictions
25 June 25 June
264 264
STASIS Releases Its Stablecoin EURS
13 June 13 June
24877 24k
Monero (XMR) Review

Monero (XMR) Review

13 June 13 June
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