STASIS Stablecoin Digest 27.09.2020
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Sept. 27, 2020

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Regulation and monetary policy

European Commission Publishes Provisional Crypto Regulatory Framework

The European Commission published the draft of a legal framework to regulate cryptocurrencies in the bloc.

Israeli regulators propose Bitcoin be taxed as a currency, not an asset

"The regulatory reality in Israel is not adapted to the existing reality in the field," the proposed bill states.

Philippines Sees Benefits for Financial Services in Digital Tokens

The Philippines’ central bank sees advantages of using digital tokens for enhancing financial services.

Gibraltar updates DLT framework to comply with FATF rules

Once again, Gibraltar is taking the lead in crypto regulations.

ECB Says Stablecoins Should be Subject to Current Regulatory Standards

The European Central Bank (ECB) says stablecoins that entail a liability on an identifiable entity should be subject "to existing regulatory standards."

Beijing sees digital currencies as ‘new battlefield’ in global finance

China's central bank aims to challenge the global financial status quo.

US Issues First Regulatory Guidance for Stablecoins

Stablecoins are growing up: They officially got the sit-down talk on house rules.

US Regulator Allows Banks Holding Reserves for Stablecoin Issuers

The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has published a new letter according to which, the US financial institutions can now keep reserves on behalf of stablecoin issuers.

ECB President Sees Digital Euro Only as Complement

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde believes that the digital euro can only be a supplement, but not a replacement for cash.

Blockchain industry raises concerns over EC’s proposed crypto regulations

Backed by players like Ripple and ConsenSys, the INATBA association responds to the EC’s legislative proposals on crypto.

Analytics and opinions

Bribery gets blocked: Stamping out corruption with blockchain tech

In a world where all public records are stored on an immutable ledger, it would be difficult to be a corrupt government official.

Illicit crypto transactions are getting more attention from the government

The IRS has a strong interest in receiving information from informed whistleblowers about offshore crypto accounts and criminal crypto tax activity.

The battle between DeFi, CeFi and the old guard

We are at the start of some big changes in the financial world, and by combining DeFi and CeFi the transition to the future would be faster.

Understanding the landscape of decentralized finance

There are exciting ways to make extra income from engaging in the DeFI market and locking assets in decentralized protocols.

DeFi may not be like the ICO boom, but is that a good thing?

Cameron Winklevoss and Tone Vays disagree on the quality of the DeFi space within the context of previous blockchain booms and busts.

New projects, partnerships, and investments

Crypto Exchange bitFlyer Europe Starts Accepting PayPal Deposits

From now on, the users of the exchange can deposit funds into their accounts through PayPal, which means they now have a new and convenient method to buy cryptos on the platform.

South Australian food and wine tracing platform teams up with Hedera

The Australian government-backed supply chain traceability platform Entrust is launching on Hedera Hashgraph.

Holders can earn passive income with Origin’s OUSD

Origin, a peer-to-peer commerce company, has announced the launch of Origin Dollars, or OUSD. This stablecoin uses its reserve for the decentralised finance (DeFi) space and allows users to profit by holding it

Akash Network to Integrate Kava's USDX Stablecoin on the World's First Decentralized Cloud Marketplace and DeCloud for DeFi

Akash Network announced an integration with Kava, the first cross-blockchain DeFi platform, to enable Kava's stablecoin USDX as the first coin for fee settlement on Akash's DeCloud platform.

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