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Sept. 6, 2020
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Regulation and monetary policy

Swiss Crypto Bank Receives Greenlight for Trading Services from FINMA

Sygnum, a Switzerland-based cryptocurrency bank, has received an approval from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) for its digital asset trading facility.

Crypto Payments: The Path To Becoming an Everyday Reality

Cryptocurrencies have gained attention in recent years, especially due to the pandemic. More and more people, institutions, and even governments are joining in the conversation as time goes by.

Omniex CEO says the current regulatory landscape is not a barrier for blockchain

Current regulation will only push crypto forward according to Omniex CEO.

Russian Central Bank Rejects Cryptocurrency Mining on Regulatory Sandbox

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation halted the launch of the national mining pool called "Mine Russia," a project proposed by the Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB).

Denmark proposes use of blockchain in fight against corruption

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has released a report analyzing the use of blockchain in the fight against corruption.

Blockchain regulation: Speedbumps, roadblocks and superhighways

The US will likely continue enacting laws to support the use of blockchain technology for purposes beyond securities and digital currency.

Brazil's Central Bank to Launch Own Digital Currency in 2 Years

Banco Central, Brazil's central bank, could have its own central bank digital currency within 2 years.

US legislators introduce bill for in-depth study of blockchain in commerce

Three Representatives are calling on the Secretary of Commerce to study blockchain for consumer protection.


Centre Consortium Introduces Gasless Sends Feature for USDC Stablecoin

CENTRE Consortium, a joint venture aimed at establishing a standard for fiat on the internet, has announced an upgrade to the USD coin (USDC) protocol and smart contract.

Analytics and opinions

Stablecoin market cap increases by $100M every single day

‘DeFi yields and interest rates are clearly a vacuum sucking in a lot of stablecoins,’ says Coin Metrics’ Nic Carter.

Building the blockchain community is essential for further developments

The power of a strong community in scaling blockchain-based projects should not be understated.

Bank of England’s Governor Rejects Bitcoin and Supports Stablecoins

Andrew Bailey, governor of the BoE, has rejected bitcoin as a means of payment while recognizing the potential of stablecoins.

Chainlink's Nazarov sees two ways for mainstream DeFi adoption

How do we get DeFi "to cross the chasm?"

Crypto has a chance to upgrade the legacy financial system

Humanity may never have a better chance to change finance than we do now, and crypto and blockchain could help us.

DeFi users turn to USDC stablecoin to earn high-yield interest — Data shows

Data shows DeFi platforms and their users are rapidly increasing their use of USDC stablecoin after Curve Finance launched.

All fintech companies will use blockchain within 10 years: Aussie government report

Australian government report on the future of fintech and regtech suggests blockchain technology is critical to Australia’s future

Will The Stablecoin USDT Be Replaced In 2020?

The invention of stalecoin plays an important role in the development history of crypto market.

New projects, partnerships, and investments

Crypto Valley to Accept Taxes in Bitcoin and Ethereum

The canton of Zug, Switzerland, also known as the crypto valley, will start accepting taxes via cryptocurrencies bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) and ethereum (EXANTE: Ethereum) starting from February 2021.

Bittrex lists Turkish stablecoin BiLira

The Turkish lira-backed stablecoin BiLira is now open for trading on cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Global.

Coca-Cola Amatil invests in Centrapay’s seed funding round

Centrapay, a digital payment platform that serves KFC, Adidas, BP, and Carlton Draught has secured an investment from Coca-Cola Amatil for an undisclosed amount

Binance joins ‘Blockchain for Europe’ association

Binance is now an official blockchain advocate in Europe alongside Ripple.

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